Real Housewives of ATLANTA {RHoA}

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  1. There ain't no way NeNe is that size 8 she said she was.
  2. More like 18.
  3. I'd say that she's probably a 10-12. Something like that. I'm 'bout a 10 (in the few bits of women's clothes I have) and around her height. That dress is a bit too tight and not cute.
  4. I think she is at least a 14, maybe a large 12, but that is pushing it.
  5. that's what i thought, she's just squeezed into that dress.
  6. I'm pretty sure she's wearing this same dress in this episode that's on right now (the one where she goes to LA and meets Rudy Huxtable). Kroy's house is nice. Kim could bling it up. ;) I can't see her wanting to live in Hoschton though. It's out in the sticks.
  7. This is a beautiful home, but for Kim it"s totally beneath her, reality is she needs to love Kroy for Kroy not for his money.
  8. I think someone told Nene that if she embraced her curves she would look smaller, it seems most of her dresses are sprayed on. And if she's an 8 then I'm a size 0 (and honey, believe me I ain't!! :roflmfao:) And I would be majorly happy to live in Kroy's home, I think it's lovely.
  9. And ditto that thought!
  10. I think she is a 14/16 myself. Do Leger dresses come in that size? She looks like she would have to shop at Lane Bryant. I'm 6ft, 195 and I can still fit juniors in Macy's. Albeit the size large clothes.:p
  11. I agree. I'm 5'11" 175 and a 12 and I'm no where near as hippy as Nene
  12. Dang, there are some tall people on this forum! LOL
  13. Do not know how much truth there is to this story but the writer says his source is credible

  14. Well, she did make an appearance last season in LA. I wouldn't mind seeing her.
  15. It's been widely reported that actress and The Cosby Show star Keisha Knight-Pulliam was joining the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Now Keisha is denying those reports.

    She tweeted, “I am NOT joining the cast of RHOA this season…Next season or any season. I honestly don’t know where this rumor is coming from! Pls RT!”
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.