Real gucci boutique?

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  1. Hi guys, Is Sabine's Boutique legit/real? If yes, what are your experiences so far with this seller? I am very skeptical of buying authentic bags online. Any help/comments would be great! Thanks!

    Here is the link to her site:
  2. You need to post in the Authenticate This Gucci thread fro future reference. Yes, sells authentic bags.
  3. Thanks for confirming! Has anyone had any pleasant experiences with Sabine? I've emailed her twice in the past days and still haven't heard any responses from her...hmmm any inputs would be great!
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    Last edited: Aug 12, 2008
    Edit/Update: she emailed back. She probably never received any of my emails because I sent them to her other email not her boutique. Her communcation is excellent and very supportive. Thanks guys!
  5. So to be clear, her handbags are indeed authentic?