real gucci blondie bag still up on e-bay

  1. okay, it's not the blondie bowler, but it's another gorgeous blondie style :smile:...i'm not sure what it's called, but i think janice has one in white w/'s definitely authentic & i wanted to alert you's in germany right now & someone needs to bring it home to the U.S.A. :P

    p.s. also, i found myself a green blondie tote today :greengrin:
    p.p.s. as always, i've got nothing to do w/the bag or seller!!!
  2. ooooo that bag is gorgeous!! i agree it should come to the US of Fabulous A!!! tell me tell me where did you find the green tote!! grrrr~~~~
  3. miracle of miracles, i found it on e-bay today janice-girl :P ...i'm so excited because it's the 1st real one i've ever seen up there...i just love the gorgeous olive color green...once it comes home to momma, i'll post pictures :love:

    p.s. it was an impulse BIN so keep your fingers crossed!!!
    p.p.s. i forgot to mention i :heart: your new avatar!!!
  4. I big and was wondering where that disappeared. The seller terminated the listing early. At least it is among the family.
  5. yeppers, i bid on it yesterday AM & my bid got cancelled too...i think the seller realized she could get more $$$ for it than she thought...the bag totally disappeared for hours & i gave up on it :sad: ...then after i got home around 5:30pm, i checked my messages & there it was...usually i ask a ton of questions & would have wanted better pictures...but i've been looking for this one for so long, so i just hit the BIN button & went for it :flowers:
  6. Darnit!!!!!
  7. congrats! please post pics here, girl!
  8. thank you soooooooooooooo much BooYah-girl :love: know i've been looking for a green blondie for a while now...i've got no idea what to expect since the photos were blurry & i didn't have time to ask questions...i'll keep my fingers crossed & post photos once she arrives tomorrow :yes:
  9. Congrats!!! Post pictures when you get it and if you ever see another authentic one please pleaaase let us know!!!
  10. :rolleyes: ha,ha, so funny I found this old thread. I'm the lucky girl who brought this baby back home! :P
  11. Congrats!