real gold coating on hardware?

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  1. I know in the past the hardware were plated with real gold, but what about the ones they're selling now? Does anyone have a clue?
  2. Well, that could start to explain the increases in prices...hahaha. I don't know, but I would doubt it...Ladies is the hardware comprised of any real gold?:confused1:
  3. I thought the gold hardware was 22K plated gold... I remember reading that somewhere, but I could be totally mistaken haha. Hopefully someone who knows will come along and confirm this, or give us the correct info! :smile:
  4. Based on some of the quality issues, some ladies have experienced...I would feel a bit better about the prices if they did contain some gold in the hardware - hahaha.
  5. Yeah, I agree! I just had the strap on my green perfo e/w detach (never happened on any of my bags before!), so I'm pretty irritated and sad about that. I baby my bags for one, but the main reason I'm especially pissed off because we pay tons of $$$ for our bags, and IMO, the quality should be directly proportional to the price of the item!!
  6. Its better gold than LV uses for their gold hmm but well I know Hermes uses 24k gold....
    I think 22k sounds about right!
  7. Is it real gold coating??? But how come it wears off??
  8. All gold plaiting wears off eventually. The better quality plaiting processes just takes more time, sometimes years, but they all will in the end. The only way for the gold to not wear off is to use solid gold :P
  9. LOL. I wish they use solid gold instead without any price increase!
  10. There was a tPF thread with info on gold hardware having markings. I haven't purchased a bag with gold hardware recently, so no help from me here, but the thread is interesting.
  11. Makes me wonder as well what is being used currently. The 2005 reissue that I purchased used -- the lock already needs replating. The fault may be in the process of plating; i.e., to replate chrome to last the longest requires a 3 step dipping process. If only 2 dips are used, well you get the picture. Three layers are better than 2.
  12. What about the silver hardware? What could that be made of?
  13. Maybe nickel. I doubt silver as it tarnishes. Wouldn't that be a "b" having to polish it to keep it shiny. Will a Chanel SA will step up and answer. . .