Real Gaucho-No or Yes?

  1. :confused1: Won this DIOR GAUCHO (DOUBLE) just now on eBay and haven't paid yet... is this the real dior mccoy? Is $375 a fair price? THANKS IN ADVANCE!!! :confused1:
    diorgaucho1.jpg diorgaucho2.jpg diorgaucho 3.jpg diorgaucho 5.jpg
  2. I think its fake...sorry:sad:
  3. Thanks - I decided to withdraw my bid. I'm just going to buy one straight from diabro - $841 for the tote!
  4. The seller and I agreed to mutually cancel our transaction! Thank goodness I did NOT pay him!!! :sweatdrop: Here's an exchange of messages between me and the eBay seller of this fake gaucho:


    Dear Ed,

    Thank you for responding to my questions about your listing, "New Christian Dior Authentic Gaucho Handbag." Unfortunately, I am withdrawing my bid and I will not be paying for this auction due to the fact that after extensive research tonight, I have determined that this dior gaucho is not authentic as advertised. I am sure that you were not aware of this. I have attached some references below with regard to detecting counterfeits, as well as what to do when you have purchased a fake bag, in this case from fthchaberchrombie.
    Good luck, Elaine


    Hi Elaine,

    You've opened up my eyes!!! After using the web-sites you supplied I'm sitting with a $400.00 fake purse. I'm taking it off the market and going use the tools you've supplied me to try and get my money back. I apologize for almost selling this to you and I thank you for bringing it to my attention. I tried to do something good and thought it would so cool to give DIOR purse, I should have know better.