Real funny experience at my Vet will say anything!!!!!


May 1, 2006
My daughter and I own two Maltese, brother and sister.
Mine, named Coco developed an eye infection, so after picking up my 6 year old grandson from school we took her to the Vet....same Vet that takes care of their dog, and a close family friend I might add.

He checked Coco, gave her the medication, etc., etc., and started to talk to my grandson about his dog. At which point my grandson, age 6 asks him......Is there a pill you can give my dog to stop humping all my toys ......I almost died but did not want to start laughing hysterically in the office and embarass my grandson.......the Vet, looks at him and trying very hard not to start laughing, not then grandson proceeds to ask,., could you talk my mommy into letting me have another dog., would a wife, the Vet with a twinkle in his eye and laughter says, well.........truth is, sometimes it helps and sometimes it doesn't............tell mommy to bring him in to get was so funny......:heart:H