Real Footballer's Wives in Germany.

  1. Just for fun!:biggrin: BTW, I think they all look STUNNING!!!:love:
    5a72beb9.jpg 53258_acurran1.jpg 53264_acurran2.jpg 53277_acurran3.jpg abigailclancyPA_230x350.jpg coleenaX090606_228x380.jpg DellOlioPA090606_195x350.jpg nancy9lo.jpg Wives2PA_212x350.jpg VICNCRUZ.jpg
  2. Some more:
    vicleavingforgermany3zs.jpg tonipoolePA_300x350.jpg r3387888304.jpg r1804179150.jpg f96010fa.jpg 0728be44.jpg
  3. :amazed: attack of the clones :sick:
  4. They all look fabulous! I'm lovin VB's Paddy, n Abigail Clancy's Fendi B bag! xxx
  5. Are they all the same woman? (except VB)
  6. NO!:lol: But it sure looks like it!!!
  7. No in the first pic the woman with the cap on is Cheryl Tweedy she is the fiance of Ashley Cole and in a girl group called Girls Aloud! (They are really big over here in the U.K).
    The next pic; The girl who is carrying the chloe Betty is Alex Curran she is the fiance of Steven Gerrard!
    Then there is the girl carrying the white fendi B bag that is Abigail Clancy she is the girlfriend of Peter Crouch and she is a Model.
    Next is the girl who is carrying the blue balenciaga and the fendi B bag that is Collen McLoughlin she is the fiance of Wayne Rooney.
    And finally the woman with the LV suitcase is Nancy Dell'Olio she is the girlfriend of the England Coach Sven Goran Erickson. And then there is one picture of Michael Owens Wife! (She is the one carrying the baby boy!)
    Hope this Helps! lol!
    Rose xxx
  8. Abigail is STUNNING!!!:love:
  9. they look very nice.
  10. Lilach, I was thinking the exact same thing!:yes:
  11. Oops...forgot to say thank you for sharing!
  12. Irene, thanks for the pics! They all look GREAT! And their bags and sunglasses are GORGEOUS!!!!
  13. I love the white Fendi B. Bag! As to the women, I agree with Lilach's assessment.
  14. I tried this top on a few weeks ago! she looks stunning in it but i looked PREGNANT!!! and im only 17 :sad: depressing lol!
    didnt help that my boobs were like hanging out! its a PAIN IN THE ASS having big boobs :yucky:
    anyhow! they all look gorgeous! love coleens bbag :love: and Alex's betty :love: and how cute is Alex and Stevies daughter Lily? aww shes so cute.
  15. VERY CUTE!!! I love Alex too!!! Don't like Colleen though, don't know why.:hrmm: