Real Fendi Zucca Bag De Jour vs. Fake with pictures

  1. Here is a thread for anyone looking to buy a zucca bag dejour or if you bought one and want to know if its real.

    I noticed there are tons of fakes on eBay selling anywhere from $300-$500:wtf:

    I'm adding my fake bag pictures like the ones on eBay if someone would like to add pictures of their authentic one that'd be great!!!

    And if an expert can point out what makes it a fake that would be great!

    Thanks so much hope this helps someone:yes:
  2. [​IMG]

    Notice the removable sticker is crooked and no # below it! The snap is correct though with the Fiocchi Italy


    The leather serial strip is the wrong font (I think correct me if I'm wrong)

    The fendi engraved plate and the fendi engraved twist lock closure
    The Fendi Lininig

    The Handles

  3. The Side Pocket with the Leather detail


    The side seam in the bag that looks like it was glued

    The Bottom of the bag

    Front Leather detail with "fendi" script just below the handle

    Front Leather details with the star FF just below the handle

    Side pocket showing the hardware detail and leather

    Please whatever you can point out that's wrong on this fake bag add to it!
    If you have pictures of your authentic bag and dont mind sharing please do. Thanks Victoria:smile:
  4. Thanks Mama! I have been seeing these a lot of these on eBay and it shocks me at how good the replica is...even has the FIOCCHI Italy snaps & hardware is really similar..:wtf:

    Maybe someone will post the authentic Bag de jour features...I only have this bag in the nappa, not the least not YET:graucho:
  5. Baglady Do you have any additional errors you can point out? I'm not the expert here
  6. M -- nothing substantial, the biggies are the hologram, leather serial no., leather. I am sure the auth card is wrong as well...:cursing: Have seen sly sellers get a lot of dough for these fakes, they are quite deceiving. :push:
  7. Here is the authenticity card that came with my fake bag also

  8. Close, but no cigar:supacool:.

    Authentic bags usually have some information in the "REF.N" box.....:tdown:
  9. I'm not seeing the photos for some reason. That's never happened before.....
  10. Hi baglday.1,I was looking through this authenticity card and the one by cbrooke and there are obvious differences. Assuming one of them is the real deal, which one will it be?Thanks.
  11. The authenticity card pictured above is the Fake!:tdown:
  12. Another thing I see here is the texture of the leather. I'm not familiar with the style of the De Jour bag, but this pattern stamped on the leather of the fake one is similar to the ones I've seen stamped on fake Magic bags. The fake bags have this very predictable and uniform pattern stamped on the leather. Real ones have a very irregular pattern naturally distressed into the leather, and the creases are deep and sharp. On fake ones they look like bubbly creases floating on top of the leather.

    Here's a picture of what the leather should look like (albeit on the Magic bag).

    I point this out because the leather stamping on the fake one above is exactly the same as how they did it on fake Magic bags.

    Hope this helps.
  13. That is a good point! Also the colors are never right either cause you can't fake real leather
  14. Wow.
  15. Hi mamasazkitchen,Thanks !!! Its amazing what those people will do these days.