Real fast, is this real?!? I've never seen it be4

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  1. it looks real to me, the leather looks like pebbled leather but i would check the seller's rating and read his/her history.
  2. LOL I was thinking of bidding on that.

    Looks real to me.
  3. Looks real to me.
  4. Well she has a pond patent checkbook wallet that i have never seen before and it's at a very low price, but it looks real and the mini skinny she sold was def. real!

    the pebbled looks real to me too, and mama go bid on it, caz im not lol.
  5. It looks real to me, I believe I have seen this before.
  6. oh great thanku for that info!!!

    I was gonna bid on it but saw the pond patent and was like shoot...i'm going for that.:yahoo:
  7. Too bad I saw your post too late to bid:sad: It would have been a great deal especially for something like that!

    Congratulations too on getting the pond patent wallet!
  8. :sad: whoever won it almost beat me on the pond patent...maybe someone from TPF EHHHH:sneaky::thinking: hehehe, well ya that was a great deal for both those items, weird how they were so low!!
  9. Wow what a great deal on that wallet! I can't believe someone got it for so low!
  10. wow! $37!! what a deal! did anyone here get it??
  11. please be respectful and post in the Authenticate This thread like everyone else:yes:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.