Real Estate Shopping in Florida

  1. My Mom just got back from a week in Key West, and she and her SO completely fell in love with it. They've been back a day, and they're already talking about buying a place down there when they retire, but they don't know where to start looking.

    Since there are a bunch of FL people on here, I was hoping you could help me point her in the right direction. It's going to be for retirement, so they'd like a small town, semi close to Key West, but not too expensive (they don't want big mortage payments after they stop working).

    Can anyone here help me point them in the right direction?

  2. How close to Key West are they looking to be? It does take a good 2 hours once you actually are in the Florida Keys (Key Largo is the northernmost key) to get to Key West. All property in the Keys is expensive. My dad and stepmom were interested in property there, since we vacation there every year, but after seeing the price tag for a one bedroom apartment, for now it's out of the question! My boyfriend's aunt and uncle bought a trailer in Key Largo and paid an outrageous amount of money for a double wide :wacko: They both work at a hotel in Islamorada, which is the north/middle Keys area.

    If they're looking to buy property in South Florida, I'd search anywhere from Palm Beach County, south to Miami-Dade County. The area right before you get to the Keys isn't that great - Florida City and the like - but if they don't mind the drive, they can be about 4 to 5 hours away from Key West in the South Florida area.

    I am most familiar with Palm Beach County, since I grew up there. If they're thinking about retirement, towns like Delray Beach and Boynton Beach are good choices. My mom and stepdad just bought a condo in Boynton Beach for their retirement. Boca Raton is also nice, but somewhat expensive.

    If you need any Web sites with info, realty company suggestions, etc., I might be able to help you out - PM me if you want! :biggrin:

    Hope this helped some :nuts:
  3. Southern Fl real estate is crazy off the wall price wise, in fact most of the east coast of Fl is very expensive. If the prices in Dade to Palm Beach counties are too expensive, have them try Brevard. We are so close to the beaches without the hurricane and flooding probs, are about 2 1/2 hours from Miami, and an hour out of Orlando and all the parks. Our area might be a good alternative for them
  4. I agree that the prices in Dade are expensive. But, you can find some good deals on foreclosures, For Sale By Owner or even some rent to own properties. Many of the realtors have websites that are totally user friendly and can give you an idea of the prices. Try Majestic properties, EWM etc. I hope this works for you.
  5. Thanks, ladies! I'm going to email this information to my mother right now!
  6. I live in Brevard. It is honestly beautiful, not as stunning and paradise-like as the Keys, but affordable and not that far away. I like it better than Orlando but that's because of the ocean.
  7. South Florida real estate is crazy. In Palm Beach county Jupiter was such a neat town to live, then they put I-95 thru ages ago and the people came and now it is another Boca Raton--way too much building and traffic.Prices too $$. Forget about waiting at the bridges to get off the barrier island part. If you go up to Martin county (right above Palm Beach County) Hobe Sound is a beautiful town, it still has that small town charm, and there are a lot of new construction but it still feels small town. They have the bible college in Hobe Sound and I feel it is like a tiny Georgia town-quiet.
    The bridge takes you over to Jupiter Island (a barrier island) which to me has some of the best beaches around. Tequesta right above Jupiter still has affordable housing and is a smaller town with lots to do. With Hobe Sound you are only two towns away from Jupiter/Juno and the PBG mall (great shopping) and aboput 30 minutes from Palm Beach airport. Delray and Boynton Beach in Palm Beach County are nice places but to me crowded roads. These towns do have retirement housing. My one friend moved from Hobe Sound to Sebastian and she said the housing prices were great there.
    One of my friends moved to Fernadina Beach/Amelia Island which is the first barrier island below Georgia, on the tip of Floirida. I wanted to move there at one time. Some of the surrounding towns are very nice and less expensive. The prices in Florida are so high that it is really hard to get what you pay for.
    I lived in Miami, Hollwyood, Ft. Lauderdale, North Palm Beach, Jupiter Farms, Jupiter (on the ocean) and Hobe Sound (my favorite). I guess the growth is everywhere. If you go on you can just type in the town names and they pull up alot of RE information. The west coast of Florida is beautiful. I think there are so many options, it's such a different way of life down there. I wish them luck. Tell them to take there time and I am sure they will eventually find what they want. Remember hurricane Insurance is very high in Florida and I believe if you live 2 miles away from the ocean that is the cut off line and it becomes more afforadable.
  8. there are so many good things about Brevard...our economy is great due to all the defense plants up in Melbourne, we have very user friendly waterways, less traffic and congestion then in South Fl.
    There are plenty of places that are like paradise here
  9. Jilly...can you be more specific? Do they want to be somewhere in the Keys or do they just want to be in Florida? If I were retiring I don't think I would want to be way up in Florida if I loved the Keys...why drive etc.

    A nice place to be in the Keys is Marathon. It is somewhat in the middle and a real nice spot. It is at most 45 minutes from the bottom as we call it. Plus, you are near Key Largo etc. You can have the best of it all in a sense location wise.

    Now, if they just want to be in Florida...if they have lots of problem...if not, you want to stay out of Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County for the most part. It is quite expensive if you desire something nice. However, there is always a deal when people start having financial they just have to be on the look out.

    Give us more info. and maybe we can help more.

    Also, you want to think of hospitals, doctors, shopping etc. Things they like and will need in retirement.
  10. I know they fell in love with the Keys and would love to move there, but they know it's super expensive. They're looking for a place similiar to the Keys. I know they'd like to be close to the water.

    Money isn't too big of an issue, but they're retiring, obviously they don't want to spend $800,000 on their retirement home. They just want a small town, relatively close to the ocean (like an hour or so). She's been hearing good things about Marathon, so I know she's looking there, but we were just curious about other towns that might be like Marathon that we just don't know about as Northerners.