Real Estate License?

  1. Hi there! I have been thinking a lot lately about getting into real esate. But everytime I type in "real estate license" in Google nothing shows me exactly how to get it!! So frustrating!!

    What classes do you have to take?
    Do I just go to a real estate agency and ask?

    I currently live in California but I am moving to Oregon. Does it matter from state to state where you get your license? Anyone who has their license please help! Hopefully I am posting this in the right forum! I also posted this in the Money forum...hopefully I can get some help!
  2. hi there i just posted the answer to this in money talks :smile:~
  3. Beautiful cat!
    Yes, you have to take a class. Depending on the area, probably 2 weeks long. If you are moving you might as well wait cause you have to take the test to sell in Oregon anyway. Each state has there own rules.
    After you moved I'd go see a couple of real estate offices in OR & see what they say.
    I am not an agent but own commercial property & have lots of experience with agents - good & bad.
  4. Ah okay! Thanks for the info! If anyone has any more info that would be great! =)
  5. Google Anthony real estate school, they are in Calif.
  6. I went through Anthony's and finished the at home program in a matter of weeks. It was pretty easy. Then I took the 2 day crash course right before the state test.
  7. BTW the process varies from state to state. And if you get your license in CA you would not be able to use it in Oregon. Hope that helps.
  8. nobody likes real estate agents that over promote themselves.
    ugh. there is thie team of realtors in my area who have cars with their FACES PAINTED ON THEM! they make their own magazine (basically a published "journal") and they really dont know how annoying they are. and they have their own tv show (which nobody watches...)
    if you become a real estate agent, be very humble

  9. wow are you kidding me!?? thats crazy! must be annoying!!!:yucky: you said it best...if i were selling my home or buying i would want someone humble..and not full of themselves.
  10. Try this link for Oregon, you may get some more info there. It says you have to do a background check. In MD you just take a class and pass that and then take your test. Once you pass and sign up with a broker you are considered an active agent (and pay $$$$$ in fees for this, that, and the other).

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