Real Estate Agents Out On TPF!!!!

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Jan 29, 2008
Sunny San Diego.
Hi there all you TPFers!

Hoping any real estate agents out there can help me with a few questions I have. I am looking into pursuing a career in Real Estate. I am 17(closing in on 18) and my father was an agent for 3 decades. I have already had this discussion with him, but I feel you can never have to many opinions on a subject.

So my question is, What are the pro's and Con's? What's great and what's bad? I am really interested in considering this as a valid career, and I know that you can take the test at 18 which might give me a leg up on any competition. I also would love to know(if you don't feel uncomfortable) what you average yearly as a salary. I do understand it's a very personal question, but It would be much appreciated.

I really would appreciate any opinions on this matter. I am going to duplicate this thread on the money talks, so If you don't want to respond here, there is just as good.:yes:
Not open for further replies.