Real Diamond or Man made ones?

  1. Just wondering which one would you choose to buy? A real diamond or a man made diamond that is much cheaper. And reason(s) for your choice?

    I love real diamonds but I actually don't mind man made ones. Would love to hear from you.

  2. only the real mccoy
    as i do consider everything costume jewelry wasted money and even the best man made diamond never ever looks like the real thing (but even if it would not for me):smile:
  3. I don't mind buying both real diamonds and man-made diamonds. But then, which girl will not want to own a real diamond? Especially, when your boyfriend propose you with a 2-carat diamond ring. That'll be so sweet.

    I do own man-made diamonds I bought when I was a teenager and I'm still wearing it till today sometimes. But since the day I bought my 1st real diamond pendant, I have fallen in love with real diamonds much more than man-made diamonds. Nothing beats the real thing.

    I'm not really a fan of diamond jewellery but I love my diamonds on my watch like my black-diamond encrusted watch.
  4. I'm not a big fan of diamonds so when I buy them I want them to be real. My engagement ring is only 1/4 carat but because its a really nice cut it looks bigger.:smile:
  5. :P some guys once asked me if the properties of man made diamonds are the same as natural diamonds, would you still choose natural diamonds? I'm not sure myself!
  6. The real-deal on any jewelery for me EXCEPT 18th century PASTE jems. Then I'll buy it for it's history.....
  7. I have never purchased man made diamonds. I have done some research, the cost is less but the quality is good.

    Remember that a man made diamond is not a cz,moissanite and it is not costume. It is made in a lab and has the same properties.

    They are made and colorless and fancy colors

    I would like to purchase one just to see, the quality. :graucho:
    The stones are set in gold and plat.

    I think the cost is around around $3K - 4K per carat.

    Check out :yes:
  8. Hmmm, tough one. I have yet to see a man-made "diamond" have the same brilliance that a real diamond has, so I guess I would have to opt for real...BUT should they come out with one that truly does look like a diamond, I wouldn't be opposed to one because when it comes down to it, I like sparkly things. :biggrin:
  9. The link above didn't work for me:hrmm: I've done a little research on this subject, and when the time comes, I would like to have either a lab created diamond or an antique diamond. The lab created stones are pretty stunning, and you can get a flawless diamond for significantly less than a natural one. Here's me stepping up onto my soapbox for a moment: I don't like that diamond prices are so heavily manipulated, and I am against the violence caused by the diamond trade. It's the same reason my next car will be a hybrid: it's my responsibility to do my small part to help with issues I care about. I am in no way suggesting that anyone else is wrong for whichever decision they make on this matter, but this is my choice. This is me stepping down off my soapbox:smile:
  10. Well, seeing as how colored-diamond prices are stratospheric, the only way I'll realistically get my dream fancy pink Asscher is if and when they can start making lab rough in sizes above 1 carat finished!
  11. Esterriver,

    Good for you!:yes: I would like to add to that there are Canadian diamonds too. Mine was from Brinks so none of the violence associated with it like ones from South Africa.
  12. i like moissonate but it doesn't step cut (ascher, emerald) well. i'm only in the market for a ring upgrade and i really only like step cuts, so i'll pass. :smile: i would consider them for earrings though i guess... :smile:
  13. I might consider a lab made diamond. I have read a lot about the diamond mining trade in Africa, mainly West Africa, and there is a lot of violence and horror around the whole thing..
  14. here are pics of gorgeous looking man made diamonds! all the properties pf diamond except hardness.

    pics from carat*
    1D1099W-300.jpg 1DP568-300.jpg