Real Deals and Steals on genuine Balenciaga Bags

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  1. yes, we had such a thread, actually a whole subforum, called "achtung balenciaga", but sadly, it no longer exists. i'm not 100% positive, but i believe there was some drama that went on, and the owner of this website decided it was best to remove that section of the board.
  2. Hi,

    There wa a thread like this a few months ago called achtung balenciaga. The mods removed it, I think because there was too much drama surrounding it. Weird, I know.

    Kind of sucks for newbies though, it was an awesome resource for people just getting to know b bags

    Just a heads up on the subject, I think some folks may still be sore about it.
  3. We're not even supposed to be posting auction links in here, it's one of the reasons we haven't got Achtung or something comparable back yet, because nobody seems to want to follow the rules that were set down when it was closed.
    I'm not blaming you for starting this thread as I'm sure you didn't know all of the rules as set out for this subforum as well as the drama that went on with Achtung, just a friendly reminder to everyone to PLEASE not post eBay links anywhere except for Authenticate This.
  4. sorry i didn´t know that posting ebay links are not allowed.
  5. Well, you can post ebay links in the "is this authentic" post at the top of the forum :yes:
  6. Whiteoleander, no problem! As I said, I know you didn't know this rule, it was just a friendly reminder.
    Verty- yes, that's what I said, that you can post links in Authenticate This...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.