Real Deals and Steals on genuine Balenciaga Bags closed?

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  1. i wanted to post a comment, but it was closed. mabye i did myself. if so, i never wanted to close the thread, must be a mistake.
    its just my opinion, but i think that the thread about deals and steals on Balenciaga Bags would fit very well in the pinned Balenciaga section. would be a great help for people looking for a Bbag at a reasonable price.
  2. A Moderator closed your last thread. You cannot close your own thread.

    I think the posts in your previous thread from fellow pfers explained that this kind of posting with eBay links are not allowed in the Balenciaga forum, thus the thread being closed.

    Also mentioned in your other thread, you can post eBay auctions for authenticating in the "Authenticate this" thread. This is a great asset for new Balenciaga collectors. :smile:
  3. thanks for the information.
    so can i open the same thread again without posting eBay links?
  4. I would say no.

    Usually you can just set up your own eBay "favorite search" for Balenciaga or Balenciaga bag, restrict the price and location, and narrow it down that way... and then feel free to post any in Authenticate This.
  5. And just for future reference (I'm sure it will be okay this time since you didn't know the original rule about posting links)...if a moderator closes a thread, it's a message to drop the conversation immediately.

    Since you thought you accidentally had closed it yourself, you obviously haven't had experience with this yet. But if a mod closes a thread, don't open a new one on the same topic...however, you can still private message individuals if you have a concern that hasn't been addressed.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.