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  1. Hi...I just got an e-mail about Real Deal Collections getting in 05's in Citys & Works...supposedly mint condition...Just giving all of you the heads up. E-Mail Corey and see what shes got. :yahoo:
  2. Fab! Thanks for the heads-up!:tup:
  3. Girlfriends...Its Real Deal Collection not collection(s)
  4. I just learned that Real Deal Collection has '05 Magenta in excellent condition and Teal Wk & City and I can't remember all but check them out...I can't buy another one any time soon. I am sooooo B-BAG BROKE...:busted
  5. Ooh! What style is the Magenta?
  6. whats real deal collection and how to contact them ? thanks
  7. It is the Work & apparently in excellent condition...E-mail her for details...I don't think she's even posted pictures yet.
  8. Thanks girlfriend! :smile:
  9. Real Deal Collection is well known on this forum for selling authenic B-Bags...She only sells what she knows to be in good to mint condition...and authenic...She is an honest Balenciago Bag seller...
    Her e-mail is www.real deal collection...She doesn't have pictures posted yet on her site of these latest bags...I think she just got them from someone selling out their RH collection...Anyway, she'll have to give details as to what she has etc. Good Luck!
  10. To update, this is the list that Corey emailed me,
    Grab them girls :graucho: she has fabo inventory:

    05 Black First: New with tags condition.
    '05 Teal Shoebag: Excellent condition, little to no wear (same bag as previously sold).
    '05 Teal Work: Excellent condition, light wear on corners and handles that blends well.
    '05 Bubblegum Pink City: Excellent condition, light patina underneath handles, color variation with softening but not yellowing, faint wear on corners.
    '05 Magenta Work: Excellent, near-mint condition, nearly invisible wear on the corners, very small natural blemish on bottom.
    '05 Metallic Pink City: Mint condition.
    '06 Ink Work: Excellent condition, faint wear on corners, patina on handles but not noticeable b/c bag is dark, color variation from dark purplish-blue to a slightly lighter bluish-purple.
    '06 Grenat Work: Excellent condition, faint corner and buckle wear.
    '06 Greige Work: Excellent condition, very faint corner wear, smooth leather.
    '06 Camel Part-Time: Very Good condition, some wear on corners, handles and edges.
    '07 Vert Gazon (Grass Green) City: Excellent, near-mint condition, natural color variation on handles, split tassels.
    '07 Vert D'eau City: Excellent condition, light wear on corners, smooth leather.
    '07 Blue Glacier Flat Messenger: New with tags condition.
    '07 Tomato Red City: New with tags condition.
  11. OMG! thank you!
  12. ^ Thanks for the kind words, I appreciate it :flowers:

    Word travels fast around here :lol: ... I better get back to work :winkiss:
  13. Will these be posted for sale on the website, or are they all gone by now? LOL!
  14. No not yet, they're still sorting pictures and pricing...should be on their website soon! Watch out!~:tup:
  15. They are not all gone because she just got the shipment late yesterday and she said she had just sent out a few e-mails and would have to post pictures later... As of late this afternoon she had only sent out e-mails.:yes: So I wouldn't think they would be gone yet...:wondering
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