Real Controllato cards?

  1. I don't know exactly where to ask this, but I need to know because this question is just eating me up.

    What do authentic Gucci controllato cards look like?

    I tried searching up and down the house for my mom's cards, but she has somehow misplaced hers over the years she's had her bags (hers were purchased from a Gucci boutique). I received a handbag as a xmas present, but I am an eternally curious person and I just have to know if this bag is real or not. Terrible, I know.

    So, my controllato card is black, thick plastic, kind of a hologram on the Gucci print (it's in gold but catches colors when held to the light) and has the numbers "1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10" on them, which I find slightly suspicious. The back of the card has care instructions in English and Japanese.

    I know it's a serious risk for you all to post your cards, so can you just describe them to me or tell me flat out if my bag is fake or not. I'd really appreciate it if you sent me a picture of yours, maybe? If you do, don't worry, I will take a look at the picture, thank you, and then delete the message. I am trustworthy, and I just need help!

    Thank you
  2. The black controllato card is fake.
  3. Ah, I had a dark feeling it was. Thank you.
  4. ....bummer!!! It is a poor imitation of the chanel cards. Scroll your way through Authenticate This to see the kind of paper work you should be recieving with gucci. Can you send it back????
  5. No, I received the bag from a relative (who has more than enough money to buy a real one!).

    I already threw it in the back of my closet in anger. Thanks, guys. ^^