1. Just bought it from eBay for $200, thought it's pretty and never see it in Coach local store. Seller did claim it's authentic Coach bag. Looking for input/opinion of the authenticity of this bag. Thanks!

    Ps. Anybody knows if a local store would authenticate my bag, by walking in and showing it to them, perhaps??

    scrib6-1.jpg scrib2-1.jpg
  2. Hello,

    That bag looks real to me. Please post it in Authenticate this thread. It is a thread at the top of the first page.
  3. I wouldn't waste my time getting SAs to give a verdict.

    If that is real, it would have been limited, or maybe even sold only in Japan.
  4. That is not limited, that is the Scribble design and colors from 2005.

    I have no idea if that particular one is real though.
  5. thanks, y'all for the response. Yes, I did post it in Authenticate thread, i mean, in Qs re: authenticity of Coach thread, something like that :smile: