real alma bag? picture enclosed.

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  1. i have thank you, its the card isnt it, I recognised it straight away. I read some where that they never issued these.
  2. Yes, you can use the yellow card as a sign of a fake as the real ones do not come with these, but there are many things off about the bag itself also.
  3. Oh dear. I am sorry to hear you received a fake. I hope you can get your money back!
  4. So sorry to hear you received a fake. Yes, the yellow card and green envelope are dead giveaways -- these types of cards never are given with real LVs. Also, you will never see a hangtag on an LV either.

    Did you pay through eBay/Paypal and use a credit card? Please file a claim right away -- don't delay.
  5. hello, thanks for responding, where would I go to file a claim, you mean on eBay? unfortunately thats what I bought it off.

    please tell me what else is wrong with the bag as to me from what you can see in the photo.
  6. I would say that :-
    the handle looks too long,
    the edging of the leather around the base and the handles looks too Orange,
    the hanging card tag definately should not be there,
    the yellow 'authenticity' card that you never get and the green card and envelope.

    I expect the inside of the bag is wrong too - I'm guessing it is Beige Suede like fabric and it has an inside Zipped pocket - these are both wrong.

    If you bought this from eBay and paid by Paypal - file a claim with Paypal to get your money back.
  7. this forum will help you a lot in the furture
    im very sorry to hear about you receive this FAKE lv
    this is the worst FAKE out there (there are better fake so you GOTTA have it authenticate in the LV forum BEFORE bidding/buying)

    _ no LV cards (green, yellow, black....)
    _ handles are too long and too thin
    _never handing tag
    _ canvas looks so off
    _ wrong size
    _wrong alignment

    hope you get the money back asap
  8. i have, thank you for your help. the seller is amazingly shrewd, one minute I should be lucky to get " such a nice thing for a fraction of the price" then I mention going to the small claims court and he offers my money back.

    What a character.

    Thank you for all your help, I feel annoyed for buying this for my girlfriend but as a guy my handbag skills are improving.

    I was afraid to let her take it to the store incase they seized it as a fake.
  9. so glad you got the refund. feel free to have anything authenticate, the girls/boys here are very nice and helpful w trained eyes, they never go wrong. make sure check out the sub forum of all the designers before making a new thread. that way, the expert can help you faster.
  10. So glad you got your money back now burn the bag, LOL!!
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