Ready-to-Wear Sales....

  1. Hi :smile: ,

    First of all, I want to tell you all how much I have enjoyed reading and posting a bit during the past few weeks. I am such a total Hermes zealot and the TPF is completely amazing. So, I just want to Thank you all, :flowers: !!!

    I am wondering if any of you enjoy the Hermes RTW Sales at your local shops as much as I do. I did read the absolutely marvelous account of the Paris sale which was posted and have had friends (lucky gals!!) who have gone there for that sale. However, I have to say that I love my local sale and go totally crazy for Hermes clothes, shoes, gloves and hats at 40%-60% off, :heart: !! I think that Gaultier has down wonderful thing interpreting the spirit of Hermes, but I was also a big fan of his predecessor, Martin Margiela. So, I am nuts about the sale. I know that many people are mainly into Hermes for the bags and certainly those are really the prize, but I have to admit that I am a sucker for the clothes and especially on sale, ;) !
    (But, I did just buy a full price winter coat...but never mind that:shame: ,..., I am trying to focus on the SALE items)

    So, do you all enjoy your local Hermes' Sale? And what do you usually find there that you enjoy? I may mainly like the clothes , but have found other great pieces other the years!
    Once again, THANKS for the great forum, :smile: , I really love it!!
  2. I kinda regret not looking better at the clothes, gloves, hats but I have this feeling that if I had, I'd have been the first person to live in a Hermes box as a hobo...

    Any chance of a picture of your loot? ;)

  3. Absolutely! I will definitely take a picture of my recent loot along with some of my favorite finds. The new tweed coat is being altered, so is still at Hermes, but i will definitely post other pieces.
    The sale pieces aren't always the creme de la creme of the RTW pieces, but they often compliment the one staple that I will purchase a season at regular cost. The nice thing about the sales is that at 60% off, the pieces , for me, are about exactly the cost of what I will pay for my daily I can avoid living in the orange box, at least for a little while, :smile:
  4. I think a coat is a good investment and it's not unheard of to invest money in. On the other hand, I'm too cheap to buy anything more upmarket that Petit Bateau tops (by the bagful) for every day wear. It's just not worth the hassle of having everything dry cleaned, etc.
  5. ^^^ I agree... other than bags, jackets are the one thing u can invest in and would last a long time.. i always check Hermes sales in paris, but its rare to sizes unless you visit them first days of sales.
  6. I am wondering if they pulled all the discontinued Herbags for the NY sale? Wish I could go! :yes:
  7. How much does the jacket usually cost when it's on sale? Jackets and coats are definitely something that I can buy, but once again it'll still depend on the price ...

    Ok, that's it. I think I'm officially the Residential Hermes Cheapskate.
  8. Do they have scarves on sale at all? I wish I lived near a Hermes boutique ;( I want a scarf so badly!!
  9. Hmmmm...that's an interesting thought, CB :graucho: Even more of an incentive to try to get there.
  10. I'm going this week and can't wait to check out the RTW and shoes!!
  11. Are all the Hermes having sales this week? Are you going to the BH one or the SCP one?
  12. All of the stores have different sale dates. SCP's starts on Friday. :smile:
  13. Is that the one that you're going to? Oooh, I don't know if I should check out the sales. I'm afraid I'm going to get talked into buying something. How much do the cashmere tops run during sales? I mean, after the discount and all?

    I really don't want to spend over $1000 ... plus if I go to the sale (which is probably not going to happen since it's on a Friday), I won't be able to buy anything else from Hermes for August. I'm trying to only buy ONE thing per month ... only reason I would even contemplate the sale was PERHAPS I can use a black top as it can be quintessential. But if I move to Singapore, then it's going to be useless.
  14. I have to try and find out when the sale at my local store is. I want to get new gloves and it might be worth trying to find something nice that's on sale. I gotta ask Lilach if she knows if the sale in Duesseldorf is already over or if it still hasn't started yet.

    Oh and while Sarah-girl started it I would like to take the opportunity to express my feelings for all you lovely ladies in this forum. I know I don't post very often but I've been reading everything in our little subforum for the last 6 month on a daily basis and you all really founded my love for Hermes and I want to thank you for that. My love for handbags in general just started to blossom at the beginning of this year and I soon discovered my love for most important thing when it comes to leather goods for me: the craftmanship. You girls taught me so much about the craftmanship that Hermès represents that I fell totally in love. I have to admit that I haven't had my "Birkin calling" yet but I totally adore the Kelly and can't wait to get my hands on my first ...if only I could even make up my mind which leather and color I prefer...but I will take my time and wait for the Kelly that calls my name :smile:
  15. The sale in San Francisco starts August 3 - 5th. CAN NOT WAIT! Only RTW and a few scarves. But if I find those gloves I've been dying for, I'll snap them up!!!!