Ready To wear Pics Showing The New Bags

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  1. ON the LV site there are great runway pics of the F/W collection. The bags are shown quite well & it's a good way to see how large they are & how they look being carried.
    Love 10/42 & really love 25/42 the Miroir keepall!
  2. Can you provide a link or directions on how to see this?
  3. You gearing up Taco??
  4. Perhaps.........
    after that stupid trip I need a little something:lol:
    Love the sig, by the way.
  5. OMG I can't believe you's all over now, right?:yucky:
  6. :yes: but the memory lingers......:sad: ;)
    I actually had a pretty darn good time:upsidedown: but, I may have been a wee bit tipsy.
    Heading to SCP to pick up my Groom stuff tomorrow!!!!:yahoo:
    I have fallen in love with the Lady Steamer & Ivory/black stephen so I am hoping to see one of those too.

  7. Dang! I would have met you there if I had known's always fun to watch others drop some $$$.
  8. :yucky: Hate the squishy bag...the models look like they're taking out the trash
    :yucky::yucky: Hate the big, furry mulitcolore bag...way too Rave 1999 for my taste
    :heart: the mirroir papillon, alma, and speedy
    :heart: the big black/green/burgundy bags with the tortoise shell straps

    and oddly enough, I really :heart: the headphone bag:jammin::heart:
  9. LOL 1999, right on the money!
  10. Wow, the Alma looks big! I hope you are felling better Taco!
  11. Thank you impsola. The Alma is huge!
  12. Isn't that the Alma Voyage?
  13. i only really want the gold headphones :jammin:
  14. You always go big don't you.:lol:
    Fun, good looking & expensive stuff & DD just go together like PB&J.:yes:
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