Ready to take the plunge ... Need input, please

  1. I'm ready to buy my first bbag! I'd like it to be a red City. Which red, in your collective opinions, is the best to start with? (I consider red to be my basic, go-with-everything color.):shrugs:
  2. Rouge vif is very popular with PFers. I like 05 rouge and 05 bourdeaux too.
  3. Great choice - both the city and the red. I have the box in rouge vif and absolutely love the color. Not orangey, not pinkish, not burgundy - just a great juicy red!
  4. I love the 05 bordeaux and 05 red (from fall), but if you can't find those years, the rouge vif or grenat are really nice:yes: .
  5. I've heard wonderful things about the '05 leather. I'd love to find it in red!
  6. I'm carrying a Rouge Vif Purse today, and just now my 05 Rouge Theater Day arrived. I can see the two reds side by side, and they are both breathtaking:love: . The 05 Rouge Theater is darker/deeper and looks a little more neutral (with an attitude!!) than the 06 Rouge Vif. The Rouge Vif really POPS!! You can't possibly go wrong with either. I love them both, each in a different way.
  7. Deco, can you please post a pic of your rouge vif and rouge theater side by side:tender: ...
  8. ok, will post tonight from home.:yes:
  9. The '06 Grenat is really pretty!
  10. :heart: I personally love the new 07 red-- VERMILLION! I think it looks better considering my skin tone, etc... so if possible try to see one or the other in real life against yourself... Rouge Vif is beautful but just a bit too strawberry red for me, which is what others love about it! I always liked the more orangey reds-- and the Vermillion is as someone described it, a tomato red.
  11. Actually, the "bluer" reds and paler reds go better with my coloring and wardrobe. (Wardrobes can change, but not my pink skin/blue eyes/blond hair.) So it's between the rouge theatre, grenat and the VIF, I think....
  12. If you're looking for bluer, then go with rouge theater or 05 bordeaux. I see no hint of blue in rouge vif, and grenat is a warmer, more brown red.