Ready to slouch?

  1. This is an enquiry for a friend actually, but I am interested in what people think. We are both addicted to the very classic, structured style of bag, generally a top handle, but she was telling me that she had carried a friend's slouchy shoulder bag the other day and was so struck by its softness, moulded feel under her arm and general suppleness that she is considering a (Gasp!) slouchy bag . . .

    Now I am suddenly a redundant friend because I have never owned a slouchy bag and am clueless:shrugs: but I did say I knew a bunch of guys and gals who would know just where she should start as a slouchy virgin!
  2. I'd look at the Paddington (minus the padlock) or the Spy to start....both of them, IMO, are slouchy and comfortable to wear:smile:
  3. balenciaga!!! :yahoo:
    when it's new maybe it's not too slouchy, but after lot of used, i gets better and better...
  4. Looooooove slouchy bags. :nuts:

    I think the BV Hobo or Ball Bag (if you pardon the expression! :shame: ) are great, super-soft slouchy bags. :yes:

    Personally, I'd prefer it if they had longer shoulder straps, though. :yes:

    I like my slouchy bags at hip level, ideally.

    The Chloe Betty Hobo is also a great option, :yes:
  5. the chloe paddington, i have one in tobacco and used it for the first time yesterday and it is really slouchy
  6. Bulga make beautiful slouchy bags :heart: their leather is stunning, so soft and it just gets better and better with age. I have the Small Pudding style in chocolate and love it to death, its the best bag I've even had so comfy to wear I just throw it on my shoulder and I dont even know its there:yes:

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  7. I, too, was in to structured bags. Now my favorites seem to be the soft, slouchy bags. Kooba makes some great bags. Also Cynthia Rowley. I love her stuff. You can find these on eluxury and Nordstroms and Saks, too.
  8. Baca by Gustto.
  9. Oooh, it's another world for us structured girlies! We're meeting for lunch next week when Lizzie tells me she will have made her first slouchy purchase - this is almost as exciting as buying a bag for myself . . . .and so much cheaper!