Ready to see my 2nd Flat clutch??!!

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  1. #1 Feb 2, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2010
    When i bought the first one, i felt in love with this, without it is my lovely 08 Sapphire SGH Flat Clutch!!!


  2. Yay, it's still ever so gorgeous ;)
    I'm sure you will rock this one too.
    Many congrats and enjoy this beauty!
  3. Congratulations, I love sapphire, it looks great! :smile:
  4. Livia: thanks dear!! i can't wait to use it!! i already have the perfect outfit for this beauty!!! it will rock for sure!!!

    qwerty: thank you, i love it too.!!!
  5. congrats *L* IT IS A WONDERFUL PURPLE changes with different lights and it is so saturated :woohoo::drinkup::tender:
  6. Chloeglamour: *F* you're absolutely right!!!! It is such a deep, saturated color! beside that, i've put my eggplant and the sapphire close one to each other and with natural light it is so clear the difference!!
  7. yummm you should post some comparison and modeling :graucho:pictures :drool: thanks bella :heart::winkiss:

    come on..don't be shy :sneaky::sunnies
  8. congrats!!
  9. Mod pics! :woohoo:
  10. noon: thanks

    Chloe, Michk: as soon as i change my photo-camera, which is older more than a T-rex, i'll add mod pics for sure:happydance:
  11. Wow!!! Beautiful color!!
  12. congrats, so beautiful!
  13. Oh, it's so gorgeous!! Love Sapphire!!!! Congrats! please add some mod pics bella:graucho:
  14. great choice, love it!!!
  15. Thank you all my dear friends!!!
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