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  1. #1 Jan 24, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2009
    I think I've finally figured out how to resize my pics so I can share...

    What should I get next????

    Attached Files:

  2. Gorgeous collection!

    How about something Damier or Suhali?
  3. I agree get something Damier, lovely collection btw
  4. Something Damier! And I love your collection!
  5. a damier speedy!!!
  6. Beautiful Collection!

    I'd get a Damier Speedy!
  7. great collection. Maybe the new bloomsbury damier bag coming out this year?
  8. Perhaps something in the Damier Azur line - Speedy 30 would be a great bag for the spring & summer seasons.
  9. Gorgeous collection!! I recommend the Damier Azur speedy or saleya!
  10. ya I would say damier azur speedy or something in vernis, I just adore vernis
  11. gorgeous collection! lvoe the keepall!
  12. Really lovely collection - quite diverse. You can go anywhere with it!
  13. Nice collection.

    I would go with a Suhali or Damier Azur next.
  14. Very nice :smile:
  15. Nice collection. I assume you like shoulder bags, so I'd go with the Damier Azur Totally that will be out later this year.