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  1. I have been searching through threads trying to decide which size would be good for my first bag. There's so many colors i love and that is where i'm not stumped.

    I think that if you can fit this much stuff into a first... i'm all for it being my first bag.Now keep in mind i'm going to shed my white mc speedy :crybaby: and this b-bag is going to replace her(once she sells)

    Now I need color help!

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  2. Little heads up... I have a blue denim speedy, Leather brown roots bags, Red guess bag, I have something pink on is way.

    colors im cools with, magenta :smile: hehehe but wonder since I have a pink something on its way its that a waste for the moment? Love the black, rouge/red, ink, but again having a blue denim speedy is that a waste ? i like the apple green,skyblue, cafe first,Yummy eggplant. Im not sure if i want to go white so i'm if'y about that.
  3. You'll be amazed at the weight difference between the MC Speedy and the B-Bag! know my agony with wanting to buy back an MC Speedy but the idea of it being so heavy keeps giving me second thoughts...
    If you were to put all of that stuff in the photo in a First, it would look very bulky and probably be hard to close. Are you considering a City as well? I've found personally that the City for weekdays and the First size for weekends is the perfect combination...
    As for colours: are you looking to buy new or gently used? That opens up a whole new can of worms...:P
  4. ^^ now see opposite to you, the first would work great for me during the week and the city for weekends.

    Afer making this post i ran out with b/f to get some shirts for work. curently using me aldo bag that is styled like the city and about the same size. What i thought would be cute in the first would be too small. I ended up with another eye glas case in there ( my own) and his treo, wallet and keys. All of a sudden my bag was full.

    day to day I would have my wallet, palm, keys,cell, sunnies case, and some papers.

    I would be buying used.