Ready to get a Fendi Spy bag

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  1. Ok guys I have been broken down, I love the Fendi Spy
    please list some sites where I can get one :shame:
  2. Yay! What color are you going to get? I can't wait to see photos :nuts:
  3. Vanilla Addict-Thanks this will be a big purchase for me :nuts: , my husband told me if I get this one than I cant get another at this cost for a year :lol:

    Cristina- I really can't decide between black or brown :wacko:
  4. If you use the code "SHOPFEB" you can get 10% off.
  5. Try both colours on -- that'll help you decide!
  6. I went to a Fendi store over the weekend to check out the Spy in honey. They were sold out of the honey one but they had a brown one (pretty), and they also had one in a light tan/puddy/creamish color. I forget the exact name of that color. I almost bought it. It was beautiful. I have not seen any pics of the Spy in that color. Does anyone know what color that is or have a pic of it? It was a shade that could be worn both in summer and winter. P.S. I also held one in black at Bloomingdale's last week. In black the bag looked very "bulky" for lack of a better word. Let us know what you decide. Try to check out the tan one. It was a beauty!!!
  7. KAt- I am thinking of taking a ride to Virginia just to go to Bloomingdales, now that i've thought about it I dont want to order without seeing and touching it first, I will look for the tan...
  8. both bloomingdales in atlanta had honey spys this weekend
  9. I could not find a honey Spy anywhere in my area. I just ordered one today from Saks. I almost hope I don't like it because I've been buying way to many bags lately.
  10. ***jumps up and down with excitment*** i cant wait to see pictures!!!