Ready to cry. Or just start throwing things out the window.

  1. OH MY GOD!!!

    As some of you may know, just yesterday I was agonizing over whether to buy the lilac Epi Speedy or the lilac Epi Jasmin ( After thinking and thinking about it, I decided to get the Jasmin

    So I just went on eBay to look at the Jasmin again, and to my utmost horror and disappointment I saw that the auction had already ended with Buy It Now! :censor::censor: Someone got it just less than an hour ago! :cry::cry:

    So now I guess I won't have to agonize anymore, since I'm left Speedy-less and Jasmin-less :mad::rant::censor:.
  2. Oh dont feel bad. That wasnt your bag! It wasnt meant to be. The next one will be just around the corner!
  3. I had that happen to me a couple weeks ago and it's so frustrating!!! :rant:

    Maybe take it as a sign that it wasn't meant to be...maybe you'll find an even more fabulous bag!!! :smile:
  4. Awww that's you have your eye on another bag, perhaps?
  5. Oh I'm so sorry!!! Maybe that means you should get both manhattan gm and priscilla? Hee.
  6. well, as mas2388 said, i'm thinking of a Manhattan GM or a Priscilla, but i haven't decided yet. plus i do have a couple of new things coming in early next week :graucho: look out for those!
  7. ack!!!!! i HATE that!!!! So sorry Sandra =(((

    But I'm definitely looking forward to your upcoming posts ;)
  8. oh. Sorry to hear that. It must not have been meant to be.
  9. Oh no ! I'm sure that another one will come up soon though, don't fret !
  10. yeuxhonnetes - ***hugs*** i'm sure something will pop up!!! it totally stinks when this happens!!! ***hugs***
  11. I guess we'll find out soon enough if it was a fellow PFer if the thead "My new lilac Jasmin is here" will show up! Now that the Jasmin is gone, you can get GM and Priscilla maybe?:idea:
  12. i don't think it would be too smart if this PFer posted that! Yeuxhonnetes will definitely have her way with her! (or him!)
  13. So sorry...I know the feeling
    Just happened to me a few days ago. I was just emailing the seller and hasn't even got an answer then the next minute, someone BIN it!!! Well, it's not meant to be...
  14. Sorry to hear that. That bag was not meant to be yours. There will be others.
  15. :smile:Ask Tony from Let-Trade he must have an other bag on the side!