Ready to buy -- should I order through elux or call a store?

  1. I think I've finally made up my mind on my purchases -- although it could change by the time I finish typing this. :shame:

    Since I don't live near a store and could end up purchasing in the future from Minneapolis, Chicago or San Antonio (or anywhere while on a vacation) would I be better off ordering through eluxury? Is there a benefit to order from a store?

    Does elux send the LV boxes with each item purchased?

    I'm going back and forth on hot stamping my initials... but if I order from elux and decide in the future I want to do it, I can still take to a store, right?

    (I know which accessories I want but dang -- I am having trouble making up my mind on a wallet!!!)

  2. From what I remember hearing/seeing, when you order from elux you get the elux box? I could be wrong though...

    The benefit from the store is being able to try on the bags and putting your stuff in to be sure you love the bag. Plus you get the cute lv brown shopper and box.

    Lv owns elux so I'm sure you'd be able to get an item hotstamped in the future since your bag is authentic.

    And for wallets, I love the Koala.
  3. I can't make it to a store, so was thinking of calling and having a store ship to me...

    The Koala is my favorite but then I keep looking at others! I rarely have trouble deciding on something, but I sure am on this wallet! :nuts: Probably because I've never paid this much for one so want to make the right choice...

    Well, if elux doesn't send a LV box, that might make my decision...
  4. I ordered my damier trousse from Eluxury and it came with the LV dustbag and LV brown box.
  5. Thanks! I just read the answer on another thread, too.
  6. I've ordered from elux three times...a speedy 25, a cabas piano that I returned, and a batignolles horizontal. Each time I received the Louis Vuitton box and Elux's customer service is wonderful and returning my cabas piano couldn't have been easier. I recommend elux if you do not live near a store.
  7. I've ordered from Eluxury around 4 times and each time I got a dust bag and a LV box. They were always great, no complaints about them at all. I always order express shipping too, and I have always gotten it the next day!
  8. All my bags from elux came in the LV box, and I've ordered 5, 6 of them so far.
  9. I recommend elux. You'll save on the sales tax and the return policy is 60 days, unlike 14 (30 for exchange) in the store.
  10. I love elux as well.
    Plus you save a bit on tax.
  11. Thanks everybody! I think I will order from them. Was going to order from a Neiman Marcus store and I would save tax that way since NM isn't in my state, but never thought about the 14 day return!
  12. Everything I ever got off of Eluxury came with a dustbag and a box. Don't hesitate to order from them, they have great customer service!
  13. I'd say go with whatever is most comfortable for you.... but from what i've read on this forum - quite a few members buy from ELux and everything has been ok! :smile:
    good luck!
    What are you planning to get??? how exciting! a new bag! and its LV!
  14. Go With Eluxury...
  15. I would order directly from LV

    866 VUITTON