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  1. Hi everyone, I'm a 23 yr. old bag addict who loves Chloe, Prada, and MJ but am looking to expand my horizons. It's been a while since my last bag purchase (Chloe Betty) and with summer approaching, I'm leaning towards getting a less "mainstream" lighter (in color and size) colored bag (Vanessa Bruno white hobo?) but am wondering if I should just splurge on a darker colored bag (Givenchy Bettina Satchel?) that will carry me through fall. Any advice?
  2. Maybe a Mulberry in a summer colour..... pink or vanilla? I also love the Ayler it is very roomy and the colours are summery :yes:
  3. I love Chanel, maybe try the Prais Biarritz series?
  4. Ooo, I love the Givenchy Bettina! I think you should definitely splurge for that - the shape is wearable any time of year.