's all my new goodies

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  1. wow...everything is TDF!!!! great haul!
  2. beautiful stuff! My jaw dropped when I saw those grey boots and purse- what a gorgeous set! Congrats!
  3. Where is that grey bag from and how much if you dont mind me asking!! I LOve iT :smile:
  4. I love that Boston bag:heart:

  5. Great stuff!! Congrats and enjoy everything!
  6. HOLY!!! :shocked:

    I love every piece in your collection, you have great taste! I would love a discounted Gucci diaper bag!
  7. Looks like it has plenty of room inside. Haven't used it yet (a few weeks to go)
  8. I got it from Gucci in King of Prussia, PA. $1,595.00
    I didn't see it again though when i was just there.
    But it don't hurt to call and ask if they still have it.
  9. OMG, love everything ... especially your matching grey boots and bag, gorgeous! Congrats on all your new goodies!
  10. wow! you got two bags I want!! the guccissima one (pardon my gucci ignorance) and the black studded boston!!!! congrats!!!
  11. :faint: :drool: :faint: :drool:

    LOVE EVERYTHING Gucci-Girl! I like that you have flats and pumps to match your Metal Stud Boston that way you can dress it up or down. The grey guccissima boots and guccissima pelham are a match made in heaven! Love the purple guccissima pelham, clutches, belt and your DH's stuff too. I almost bought that diaper bag during the sale and I'm not even PG! hehe.
  12. Hubby got a new piece to add to his collection today!!

    i think its time for a new addition for me as well since im jealous he got a new gucci item today and i didnt!!!
  13. ^^^

    You will have to congratulate him for me. What a great watch

    I agree with you and you know that Valentine's is almost here too :yes::heart:
  14. Great haul, congrats!
  15. Gorgeous! Just GORGEOUS! Love it!