Ready? Here is the Pine, Yayyyy

  1. Hi Ladies, fianlly. :sweatdrop:My sweet Kim sent me this picture today and i thought i should share it with you all.:yahoo: What do you think of Pine? They only got one bag in (Brief). I have been waiting to see this color for a while now and i am not sure about the color yet. I am also waiting for the Violet First.:yahoo:
    If any one knows how to make the picture bigger please go ahead.:p
    pine (2).jpg
  2. It's pretty...a very nice fall color! The leather looks nice too!
  3. Wow... what a rich green. Definitely fits the name "Pine" :smile: Thanks for sharing NaNaz!
  4. Very pretty! I like it, but I wonder if the Bal NY pic is darker than irl as sometimes their pics are?? Are you going to get it?
  5. If there's any way you could re-upload it bigger, that would be great! Right now it's sized at only 44K, which is pretty far below the tPF limit of 195K... hard to see the full beauty at this size:

  6. ^Girlie i just pmd you to do it for me.:p Sorry i don't know how.:sad:
  7. i love the richness of the color, it would be great for the fall :smile: but between pine and violet, i say go for violet!!
  8. Hmmm... not feeling it with the silver hardware, although it may just be the photo
  9. It's pretty! Thanks for posting, though I'm also probably more inclined to get the violet (if I had a money tree).:p
  10. Thanks for sharing!

    It's very unique - has there been another bal color like it??

    It seems this season is full of very close to duplicate colors:

    Rouille is identical to Paprika
    Ocean is very very close to Cornflower
    Violet is very very close to Eggplant
  11. Kim told me Pine is little darker than the Emerald Green.:yes:
  12. thanks so much for sharing!! looks nice- leather looks rich! I think i would like it better with GGH- although everyone seems to be going for silver lately
  13. Very nice! :tup: I like the color!
  14. I'm so looking forward to this color. I think it can go with any hardware, but I'm thinking I might prefer RH with Pine. If giant, I'd think gold, maybe.
  15. Of course, the more I stare at the picture, the more I also like SGH on Pine. I'm hopeless.