Ready? here is the GSH Day in Violet - Gorgeous

  1. Ladies, fedex just delivered the Violet GSH Day.:yahoo: It is absolutely gorgeous.:drool: The leather is so thick, evenly distressed, and chewy.:drool: My SA did a perfect job in picking it:tup: (of course after driving her nutts for an hour on the phone). She knows how picky i am about Balenciaga leather so between the two that she had she sent me the best one.:yahoo: I took some pics for you but if you need to see more let me know. Now i have to see the First in Violet to decide which one i should stay with. :push:Kim said it should be any day now. :graucho:Keeping my fingers crossed. :sweatdrop:Let me know what you think.
    IMG_3234 (2).JPG IMG_3231 (2).JPG IMG_3223 (2).JPG IMG_3227 (2).JPG IMG_3228 (2).JPG
  2. Some more pics.:smile:
    IMG_3224 (2).JPG IMG_3230 (2).JPG IMG_3232 (2).JPG
  3. WOWWWWWW!!!!!!!! She is absolutely gorgeous!!! CONGRATS!!!! I absolutely loooooooooove everything about this bag your one lucky girl
  4. What I think is you will have a very hard time saying goodbye to this little hottie and that you may very well end up with 2 violet bags!!!!!!:graucho:
  5. wow it IS really beautiful...I have never seen this combination in violet before and would not have imagined it to be THIS beautiful!
  6. Wow Nanaz, another gorgeous bag?!?! I was just drooling over your YSL tribute again and now I see you've gotten yet another fabulous bag:nuts::tup:....I am so jealous...Congrats!
  7. Oh WOW, Nanaz! I think this is the most beautiful GH Day I have ever seen!:love: I really like SGH with Violet and think your Day is GORGEOUS!:tender: Great choice!:heart: Congrats, sweety!!:yahoo:
  8. Gorgeous leather!!!!:yahoo: Your SA definitely picked out a winner.......good luck deciding between the two bags. It's going to be tough.:heart:
  9. :drool: YAY!! she's gorgeous!! the leather looks thick and smooshy... i :heart: sgh on violet!! congrats NANAZ!!
  10. Congrats! I know you will love it!
  11. That is really gorgeous!! It's going to be a hard decision!
  12. congrats Nanaz~~~GORGEOUS~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:heart::love:
    Nanaz Do you mind taking pic you wearing it ? plz?
  13. Gorgeous nanaz!!

    I really love the SGH with the violet.......def a winner!!:love:

  14. NANAz, SHE"S GORGEOUS!!! I normally don't wear purple... I WOULD totally wear this color in the day style!! IT's PURTEEE... the leather is s:huh:O juicy & smoosheee.. don't let her go... :nogood:
  15. Here are some modeling pics for you ladies. :tup:Please keep in mind that i am not 100% sure about the Day or the First yet.:confused1:The SH Day for sure is blingy.:push:
    IMG_3239 (2).JPG IMG_3236 (3).JPG IMG_3238 (2).JPG