Ready? here is my Natural Work w/GH that you all helped me to find.

  1. Hi every one,
    I just got my Natural Work w/GH from Barney's.:party: Many thanks to you all specially to bag_addict_ang:kiss: that made this possible for me to have. :tender: I love it and i trully think it is the best one with GH so far (besides my Cafe Day).:yes: The size, color, leather, and every thing about it is just perfect. Now i know why this one was sold out so quickly.:nuts: As i promised here are some pics for you. Enjoy.:heart:
    IMG_2222 (2).JPG IMG_2223 (2).JPG IMG_2230 (2).JPG IMG_2225 (2).JPG
  2. Oooh la la, Nanaz, she's absolutely TDF! :drool: :love: So glad that you were able to find just the bag that you were looking for... Congrats!
  3. Nanaz, it's a great bag and I'm so happy that you were able to find it! The GH looks good with this color and size. I'm sure you'll enjoy having such a unique Balenciaga.
  4. nanaz, that's so pretty :drool:


    congratulation :party:
    the leather looks yummy and i LOVE the GH in natural :yes:
  5. That is sooooo gorgeous! I have got to get myself a GH bag!
  6. great bag, nanaz, i love the natural with gh - it goes really well together. i've got brief in the natural gh on the way. cant wait!!
  7. It's such a great combi. Natural is the hottest colour for Spring .. seems to be the color du mode when I flip the fashion pages on spring/summer collections.
  8. Gorgeous!!!!!!!! You captured the color perfectly (although it is sitll waaayyy better in person). I'm so glad you found her!!!
  9. That is definitely ooh la la!!! Love it! Congrats!
  10. Mmmmmmmmm! Love it! :heart: :heart: Love the GH on the Work, especially in this color. Looks fabulous. So glad you found it, Nanazy. Well worth the search.

    Do the handles feel more roomy than the handles on regular Works? It looks pretty comfortable over your shoulder.
  11. Congrats Nanaz! Natural is the best color with GH especially GH on a work !!
  12. that is SO PRETTY!!!!

    do you have a pic with you wearing it, I don't know if I've actually seen a
    work/GH modeled on anyone?
  13. beautiful and elegant. The gh looks fantastic with the natural leather.
  14. The handles are definitely more roomy on this one.:yes: I can't wait till the weather gets nicer so i can just carry it with a t-shirt or some thing less heavier. :wlae: The GH doesn't look as crowded on the Work size and i can dress it down or up. It really is a gorgeous bag.:drool:
  15. Gorgeous! Congrats on ending your search successfully nanaz!!! You have two of the VERY best GH pieces! well... my faves anyway! What's next? White Giant Brief?! :graucho:

    heehee.. Congrats again!