Ready for some thing floral

  1. I got the NM look book and look what is inside to look for? :pGSH floral City on page 13.:yahoo: I really like this one. I know it will look awsome in Summer time. This catalog is the most colorful one i have ever seen. Every thing is in Blue, Yellow, Magenta and all the other happy colors for S/S.:tup:[​IMG]
    IMG_4428 (2).JPG IMG_4429 (2).JPG IMG_4430 (2).JPG
  2. Its fab!!! Is it just me or it looks abit smaller? Also, what are the other colours,mind posting it up PLEASE. would love to see them.

    another addition to my list :sad:
  3. Damn that's bright!
  4. As far as Balenciaga, this is the only one in the catalog.:yes: You can see couple of different colors in their website.
  5. hrmm- very colorful, does it come in RH?
  6. Thanks Nanaz, actually looked at them already but looking to see the floral one with the blue leather? Seen any pics of it?
  7. I am kinda on the fence with this one. I think I will have to see it in person.
  8. I love it! so pretty and fresh for spring!
  9. you read my mind! i do like these designs, but not with GH!!
  10. me no likey just yet...this could change as usual!!!
  11. Hi "H".:heart: Do you think if you see me carrying it you might change your mind? :graucho::lol:
  12. ;) know how much I love Jaune SGH Work because of you:love:
  13. its so cute !
  14. :tender::tender:It is contiguous believe me.:yes: