Ready for Nov 1st? New launches.

  1. OK, I just thought some might not be aware that there are a lot of new bags launching on Nov 1st (this info was from the list at my store). Worth looking out for are the LEs/Cruise.

    1) Cruise bags
    2) Griet Mono/Damier/Black MC
    3) Suhali Lockit Gold/Silver
    4) Suhali Wallet Gold/Silver
    3) Tivoli
    4) Palermo

    When I saw the list I thought holy %*&), that is a lot of hot items coming out at one go. You gals are going to be so dead broke. lol
  2. thank you so much for the confirmation! any idea how much these cost?

  3. hahahaha..
    yeah I agree.. I guess no money fund for 'x'mas pressie' for family members or friend upcoming December soon :sad:

    only can do spoilt myself being SELFISH!! :push:
    for that sake st*pid bags!! :p
  4. That's exactly what my SA told me! :lol: LOL! Thinking about it just stresses me out. I keep on telling myself that I should only get the ones I really like the MOST.
  5. I think, I'll try (very hard) to stay away from the Boutique.

    My plan is to be home and drool all over our tPFer's new purchases. :p
  6. I am still waiting for my store to receive the Sept items:rolleyes:
  7. Releases will be from 1st and 15th if you want to see pics & prices click the word november in my sig and scroll down
  8. Cruise Collection:
    Marina GM - 8,400 Norwegian Kroner = 1,561.48 US Dollar
    Marina PM - 6,750 Norwegian Kroner = 1,254.76 US Dollar
    Speedy 30 - 4,200 Norwegian Kroner = 780.739 US Dollar
    Rond - 1,250 Norwegian Kroner = 232.363 US Dollar

    Mono & Damier - 9,250 Norwegian Kroner = 1,719.48 US Dollar
    Black MC - 10,900 Norwegian Kroner = 2,026.20 US Dollar

    Gold/Silver Lockit PM - 15,900 Norwegian Kroner = 2,955.65 US Dollar
    Gold/Silver Lockit MM - 18,500 Norwegian Kroner = 3,438.97 US Dollar

    FYI: US prices are based on today's exchange rate(Friday, October 19, 2007)
  9. Thanks Claire, you're always informative. :tup:

    Really don't know what to do without you. :shame:

    Do you happen to know to know the price of Gold/ Silver Suhali Zippy wallet? Also I rememer, one of our tPFers mentioned that the Gold and Silver Suhali Lockits will cost more those in regular colors. Is it comfirmative?
  10. thanks for the info, label_addict & biancaboo! ;)
  11. OH i cant wait.

  12. sorry took forever to find it the zippe is $735 when the lookbook went to print it may have increased I don't know most prices have been pretty close if not the same by the time the bags are released.
  13. err... which bags will be release 1st and 15th??

    from your FW 07/08 mentioned all of em... :sad: but didn't specific which bag going to release!!
  14. any pics?

  15. u have to go see click 'underline' Label Addist's signature
    like this "Fall Timeline, October releases or November releases"

    a lots information there plus pictures makes you droolling until times up when your ISP disconnect unexpectly hehehehe