Ready for New Hayden-Harnett...Lorca or Mercer Satchel?

  1. It's been almost 3 weeks since my last HH purchase and I'm ready for another! ;) I'm thinking either the mercer satchel in amethyst or the lorca in plum. I'd like to use it day to night. I don't carry tons of stuff...just the usual... phone, ipod, wallet, lip gloss, keys. What do you guys think? I already have the hudson satchel, mercer nico, and mercer clutch. Also, what do you think of these 2 bags in comparison to the Kooba Jessie in Raisin? I got that bag a few months ago and have yet to wear it b/c I'm deciding if I want to keep it or not. If you have any other suggestions for purple/plum bags, I'd love to hear them! Thx!

    Mercer Satchel:


    Lorca Demi:

  2. I love the mercer satchel style (I have it in black). I like the amethyst mercer so I vote for that one.
  3. I love the Demi Plum!
  4. Lorca demi!
  5. I love the Mercer Satchel, but I need a bigger bag for everyday than the Lorca. The color on the Lorca is yummy, tho.
  6. I think the Lorca Demi is a much prettier bag.
  7. they are both cute but i'd go with the lorca demi
  8. How do you feel about tassles? The one on the demi might be overpowering. I vote for the satchel. Great looking bag.
  9. I have the Mercer, there's only one thing I don't like about it: the center compartment zips, but the side compartments are only secured by magnets. If you're a klutz like I am and you pick up the bag by one strap the opposite side can fall open. If you had something like your phone on that side it could fall out.
    That said, the center compartment is big enough to fit every item you list and then some.
  10. Mercer Satchel
  11. Lorca! I ordered a black one from LunaBoston on the weekend, I can't wait to get it!!
  12. I prefer the mercer satchel
  13. I like The Lorca in Plum. I had the exact bag and sold it. It was an awesome bag. Beautiful (and lovely leather) but just a tad too small for me. The Mercer is much much larger in size and it might be too big for your needs in comparison to the Lorca.

    I have The Kooba Jessie in Raisin and it is one of my favorite bags. It's a bit larger than the Lorca (especially in depth where it made the difference for me) and the 4 outer pockets are great for getting stuff quick.
  14. wow.
    very pretty colours there!
    i vote for the lorca demi though :smile:
  15. Thanks for the feedback! I don't see how I'm going to decide...I'll probably just end up having to get both at some point. I like the plum color a little better and do feel like the lorca is prettier (except I don't love the tassel and would prob detach), but it doesn't feel like a day bag to me, so I probably wouldn't use it as much as the satchel. I just wish the satchel came in plum!