Ready for my 2nd LV purchase I've narrowed it down (r/o)...


Which bag for my 2nd LV.

  1. Damier 30 in Ebene

  2. Antigua Cabas GM or MM

  3. Something else.

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  1. Okay so today makes it officially two weeks since my first LV purchase of a Damier Azur Speedy 30 and Azur Cles :yahoo:. Now I know I'm ready for a second bag, and I am torn between two. The Damier Speedy 30 in ebene, or an Antigua Cabas either GM or MM, the colors I like are pink, red, and brun havane. If I got the cabas I would consider using it for school to carry books ever-so-often. But I don't need it necessarily for books (fyi: i'm a 20 y/o college student). Your input is greatly appreciated!!! Other bag reccomendations is great as well. I really don't like the mono, so nothing from that line. TIA Ladies!!!

  2. I love the denim colection.
    Have you thought about something in denim?
  3. ^^^ When I went to get my azur, the denim patch was right there and I did NOT like it...I never even thought of looking into something else in the denim line. Thanx.
  4. How about something in the epi line?
  5. mmm yeah i agree ^^ epi is nice
  6. I'd get the Damier Ebene Speedy.
  7. Not that into the epi line yet... thanx though.
  8. how about something vernis? roxbury dr or sunset blvd or reade pm
  9. I'd change it up and get the Antigua Cabas MM... in blue. ;)
  10. How about the Hampsted?
  11. John: I think the blue is very pretty but i'm being practical about what's in my wardrobe and it doesn't consist of blues...but then It would be great for jeans and a tee....well maybe I'll consider it thanks. :tup:

    bacchusgirl: I looked at the vernis, the one I like the most is the sunset, but its way too small for me (carry tons of crap). I'm not really a fan of the other styles.

    beljwl in the damier??? Hmm I would have to try it in store...
  12. I love the mini lin speedy in ebene!!!! That's my vote.
  13. i voted for the damier ebene speedy
  14. how something from the MC line?
  15. ^^^ ya! MC!