Ready for J12 Now

  1. I am ready to get my J12 now
    I need help making the decision
    Black or White
    33cm or 38cm
    Diamonds/No Diamonds

    I love the white but I am afraid I can not wear
    it in the winter. Give my your thoughts and Photos!:yahoo:

    Another Question?????
    What is the cm for the male versions?
  2. I love it in White!! I think it just screams more chanel as there are less white watches out there than black watches.. and I dont think anybody is going to reject diamonds when it is given as an option..=) the size will depend on the size of your hand wont it? but I like the smaller one as my hand tend to run small and the big one look silly on me=)
    Good luck!
  3. I wear my white J12 year 'round. I originally had the 33mm diamond bezel, but sent it back and got the 38mm diamond bezel. I just like the 38mm better. I think the J12 comes in a larger mm than the 38, if you do a search you should find the thread that was on here a few months back about the sizes.
  4. I can't comment on size because I've never seen either IRL. Color - definitely white! Add the diamond bezel and you've got the perfect everyday watch!!
  5. Thanks I love to here from all of you experts
    keep it coming. I love the white but was worried
    that I could not wear it in the winter.

    I wanted to know about cm because my husband
    likes the style but I was not sure if 38 cm
    was ok for a man?
  6. Why not for winter!! As long as its black and white, you can use it for winter / spring / summer / fall! I'd definitely fall for the white!!
  7. I prefer the 38mm. I wear mine all year, I think it works with greys, black, pastels, everything really! For men i think there is a 42or 43mm chrono, although i have seen men wear the black 38mm.
  8. I have both black and white with the diamond markers. I find that I wear the white more than the black....but I do wear both all year round.
  9. The 38mm is definitely okay for a man or a woman! I am a female and I have 2 38mm j12s. I love them so much! I like that its an automatic, can't live without the sweeping hand. If you want something more many you can get the 41mm chrono, its a lot bulkier but very nice.

    Here is a picture of my 38mm white with diamonds next to my bf's LE sub. So you can see size wise it would be okay on a man.


    I would say DEFINITELY get at least the diamond bezel. both of mine have the diamond bezel, but my black one also has diamonds in the center circle. Chanel uses great diamonds, so its very eye catching. Diamonds are worth it for this watch every time!

    The white is a lot more versatile than a lot of people think. I wear mine year around too, and would even if I didn't live in Hawaii, land of one season!

    If you want something a little different, a pink sapphire bezel with diamond markers j12 just came out. I am waiting for the 38mm version, the boutique only has the smaller one right now. I'm getting either that or the diamond bracelet for either of my j12s.

    Its a fun watch, I'm sure whatever you decide will be fab!
  10. I prefer the j12 in white and wear mine all year round. I also prefer big watches so the 38mm size is just perfect even if my wrists are small.
  11. 38mm looks best!!

    i like both white and black but lately, I've seen too many white watches...and it's getting boring. Black makes the diamonds pop so much more, so I choose black w/ diamond bezel!
  12. Hehe~~I've been debating whether to get a J12 for over a month now!!! Yesterday I went and tried on both black and white w.o diamonds, they are sooooo much prettier IRL:drool::heart:. I'd suggest to get a 33mm with diamond markers, or maybe 38mm with the diamond bezel. Oh...and the white is definitely more eye catching than the black!!!
  13. The white 38 mm one! Don't have one, but would definitly go for that one!! Lucky you!!:tup:
  14. Wow !:tup:
    You all have given me so much good info.
    I think my husband wants a black Chrono now!

    I just received up upgraded e-ring
    I want a new watch to wear with it
    Thought a J12 now and a Rolex
    later on by birthday
    Her is a photos of the ring.
  15. ^^^^ beautiful ring!!!
    I am such a diamond girl-- I love the way my J12 white w/ diamond bezel 38mm compliments my diamond. I have a 5.5 ct oval shaped center diamond and mounted in a split shank diamond band. It looks great with my J12.