Ready For Another RAOK?

  1. Hey everyone!!!!

    Just checking in to see if everyone is ready for another RAOK to start up.....I was envisioning starting 3/1 and going 2-3 months!!

    Let me know what you think :smile:
  2. I'm in! :party::choochoo::cutesy:
  3. Apology :shame:, can I please ask what is RAOK? or anyone to point me a direction of where I can find out?
    TIA :heart:
  4. NP "S". RAOK = random acts of kindness.

    It is basically a gift exchange program!!!!
  5. can i join even though i wasn't in the last one :shame:

    it just looked like so much fun!
  6. I've never done one, not sure how it works, but I want in!!!!
  7. I think I am ready for some ROAK for SURE!!! :tup:
  8. Sounds like fun - count me in (and let me know what I need to do 'cause I'm clueless on what happens, but I LOVE gifts!!
  9. I'd love to get involved!
  10. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!! Twiggers we are so ready!
  11. I would love to participate! Are international tpfers allowed to join in? :smile:
  12. Count me IN!!!
  13. I would like to take part as well!
  14. oopps *double post
  15. Yes, if anyone who lives outside US is allowed to join in, I would love to be involved :nuts: