Ready for a SUMMER RAOK??

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  1. Ok since the last one was so much fun but not alot of people signed up.........I want to start a list for the next one.

    I'm thinking sign ups will start now till June 15th (so it gives time for people to join and to save). Then you have to have the gift shipped out by July 15th for a reveal on August 1st.

    For those that don't know what RAOK's like a Secret Sister exchange. Let me know you want to join and I will collect all the names and assign you your SS name and address along w/a short info message on likes for gift ideas. Nobody will know who has who until reveal day.

    Do you want to raise the limit from last time?? Last time's was $ you want to go to $35??

    Voice your opinions gals, ready for another or not yet??

    I'M READY, I'M READY, I'M READY :yes: (spongebob)

    I'M sooooooo IN!

    list for summer raok:
  2. I'm in... I like the $35 limit. I went over my limit last time anyways:graucho:
  3. Hmmm that sounds great! I went over mine too, so 35 is fine with me! Last time was soo fun, minus it was right in the middle of finals and didnt get to open mine with the rest of the girls, but my ss gave me the prettiest photoalbum scrapbook! I swear, it was the nicest gift ever! Thanks TokidokiLover!!! So Im excited for the summer one!
  4. Before this goes too far..........I think that in order to participate, you must be an ACTIVE member who participates in this tokidoki forum.

    Oh and for those that did it last time and want to sign up again, can you PM me who you had and who had you so we dont get the same sister again?? Thanks!
  5. humm can we send packages later? lol I'll be going to SDCC so it'd be awesome if I could give something from there to my SS :nuts: maybe it could be a little later on august?
  6. ahh I forgot about comic con..........that's July we could do August 10th as the reveal date. Are you guys OK with that??
  7. Sounds good.
  8. Me too!
  9. list for summer raok:

    I can't wait to find out who my SS is and start shopping for her!!! :smile: :smile: :smile:
  11. me me.. count me in!
  12. Sounds interesting. Maybe we should send spacytracy our names and a bit of info about each other? When it comes to these, I'm always afraid of getting something they won't like.
  13. I'm sure after the names are collected there will be some sort of survey of questions to answer so everyone can get a feel of what their SS likes. :smile: It'd probably be good to get a set of questions out, have people suggest other questions to add that'd be good, and then have people answer after the list is finalized. I wasn't around for the first round, but I've been a Tokidoki fan and contributor to the LJ community for awhile!

    I am super excited!!! :smile: by that i'll have had a couple more paychecks come in! :biggrin:
  14. hi! issues with my last account, lost my password as well as the password for my e-mail account (i signed up with an account i rarely used for my first username)

    SO ANYWAYS, sign me up for the summer ROAK! and take out tokidokiannie since i'll be actively using this account now. :P

    Thanks! i can't wait!!! i promise that i'm trustworthy!

    I also go by madlemons on the LJ tokidoki_it community if any of you post there too! :smile:
  15. ooh I want in this time!!! It seemed like so much fun the last time you guys did it. Yay, can't wait !!!