Ready for a new purchase and would like YOUR opinion

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  1. Hello fellow TPF'ers!

    It's been awhile since I've been on here and oh how I've missed it! :graucho:

    I am in the market for an every day around town bag that's chic enough for weekends. I had the NF in Monogram before and sold it on impulse. Now I want it again in DE. But I'm also paying attention to the Sac Plat.

    Which would you choose?
  2. Nf de!
  3. NF in DE. I've been using mine almost daily since I received it and I love this bag. I'm trying to use it often to see if there will be any issues with the straps and mine are still perfect so far.
  4. DE neverfull. Since you've been away have you seen the new DE totally?
  5. DE Neverfull- such a great bag! what size would you get?
  6. if you want the NF in DE i would say get it its a great tote
  7. I agree a NF DE is a wonderful everyday bag
  8. Go for the NF I got one a few weeks ago! Love it!
  9. DE totally- exactly what I was gonna suggest!
  10. I love my Neverfull GM (mono) and am thinking about the Neverfull MM in DE.
  11. Go for Neverfull DE :tup:
  12. I would choose the NF DE :tender:
  13. did you consider a bag with zip-closing?
  14. NF DE.. Good luck.. :smile:
  15. I'm thinking what she's thinking.

    How about the new Totally in DE?