ready for a family - any advice?

  1. hello all,

    i've been married now for 2 years and am ready to be a mommy! yay!

    only thing is - the soonest i can see my dr is in feb and i wanna get the ball rolling to get my body prepared...

    any advice would be much appreciated :smile:
  2. Hmmm, is there really any need to "prepare" your body for pregnancy??

    I guess the only thing I would be able to say is to start trying to eat healthier and exercise??? I dunno, lol
  3. Start taking prenatal vitamins. :tup: Remember that now is not the time to diet, but try to eat healthy.
  4. Congrats.;)
    -I agree with purchasing prenatal vitamins.
    I also recommend purchasing the pregnancy journal. It's very helpful. It tells you what you should be eating on a daily basis (fruits, veggies, etc). Also, since it is a daily journal, it tells you the growth and developmental process of your fetus.
  5. Prenatal vitamins, exercise, and perhaps begin charting your menstrual cycle. Good luck!
  6. These are the best things to do. Get the book "taking charge of your fertility" so that you can be prepared. Better to find out if something is wrong BEFORE trying - like you have a short luteal phase, or you have anovulatory cycles and so on. You don't have to continue temping and charting, but doing it a few months can help you see when you tend to ovulate and can help detect some problems.

    Prenatal vitamins are a good thing too - especially folic acid. And, get into the habit of good eating and exercise. Don't worry about giving up all caffeine because it's only high levels that affect fertility, but if you are drinking more than 2 caffeinated beverages a day, try to cut it down to two.

    Mostly, relax and enjoy your life as it is now too because once baby arrives, it's FOREVER changed. Be sure you are in a good place with your relationship because babies have a way of creating havoc! LOL
  7. ya take prenatals but dont get shocked if your body hates it. take it right before you go to bed or before dinner... if not, at least start with folic acid.

    i say relax and just do it=)
  8. At least get some folic acid and start taking it daily. If you don't live in a sunny climate this time of year, extra vitamin D is recommended as well.
  9. thank you all for the tips :smile:

    on my way to the pharmacist now to get some vitamins!
  10. My advice is to first schedule an appointment with your obgyn for a check up. That is what I did. My OB also gave me a prescription for the pre-natal vitamins. Now is the time to start eating healthy and exercising. Pregnancy is hard labor. Good luck and all the best. It will be the most exciting journey of your life !