READY for a CHANEL purchase! stock info pls.

  1. Okay, I'm ready to seal the deal. :nuts: After debating and re-debating over what, size, color, etc., I know I will ultimately fall back on getting a E/W, new chain that is.

    Any stock information on a E/W with new chain in S. Cali please? I'm either going to get the blue or purple E/W, unless there are new colors that I'm not aware of. :p

    I probably prefer doing a in-person purchase, but if the one I want is not available in store, any idea on what the process is in getting it elsewhere? thank you! :flowers:
  2. I'd also like to know what's on the horizon for e/w colors. From what I gather the purple is going to be metallic, at least for the reissue. Have not heard anything about color offerings for other styles.

    As for what's in stock or has been as of a few weeks ago, all I've heard is black, black and more black for the e/w (not a huge color selection at all). We may not know any more than this until January '08.
  3. Yep, jmen is correct! I have seen a blue fonce (pale greyish blue) e/w instore a couple of months ago, but the rest were all black :smile:
  4. chloe-babe, which store did you see it w/ the blue e/w? I'm hoping to buy mine in-person. While black is always classic and "safe", I'd prefer a e/w with more color.