ready for a birkin - how do i start?

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  1. I live in wash, dc - do i just go to the hermes store (tysons corner, va) and ask to be put on a list? i want a basic one - black or orange - larger size - how much will it cost?

    do i pay upfront or upon delivery? thanks.
  2. Hi Kl, check out the reference threads above for some great info to help you on your Birkin hunt. The lists are closed, now you have to build a relationship with your Hermes SA or get lucky and find one on the shelf. :flowers:
  3. You should be building up relationships with the SAs there. My SA at Tysons is awesome. I'm sure when I am ready for my Birkin she'll be willing to help me.
  4. thanks - care to pass on the sa's name? how do i start? go in to buy a scarf?

    when i am ready to get on the waitlist, do i pay upfront?
  5. what you love only. Perfume, lotions, maybe a wallet if one hits you. Do you desire a Kelly or another style bag? Start there. You can also buy a tie, scarf etc.

    You never pay upfront...only when the bag is offered to you.

    When you have time read any of our numerous threads...we have tons of information. Best of Luck.
  6. get a twilly? :smile: Those are cute, you can tie them on the bags, hair, neck :smile: