Ready for 3rds! Help me choose!

  1. I have a black jumbo caviar and a bourdeaux GST. I can't choose which I like better here. I love white but I'm really scared about it getting dirty and yellowing with time. Anyways, please help me choose!

  2. I'd get the reissue without question. Honestly, I'm just not a fan of the expandable so it makes my choice pretty easy.
  3. love both, maybe silver's better
  4. I love the silver, but personally I would get much more use out of the white expandable.
  5. Might be off topic, but I'm just wondering why the reissue pics are marked with "clk55girl", when the seller is "teonguyen"?

    But to your question, I'd definitely go with the reissue, since you have a couple of bags that you can use as a day bag. The reissue would be a lovely going-out bag!
  6. i have both =) the reissue and the expandable but both in black. i will take the reissue, and my suggestion if you want to buy such a big bag, better buy it in more durable color, black or brown or blue or red. not white =) its gonna get dirty VERY easily! Goodluck.
  7. maybe her tpf name?

  8. clk55girl is a member here.

    Could it be her online auction website id? Below is a link with pics of clk55girl's collection. Notice the silver metallic reissue in it too.

    There are a lot of members here who are resellers and it's NOT difficult at all to discern the members who resell Chanel handbags on the online auction website. As a matter of fact, it's quite transparent.:yes:

    Final family PICS...until spring :smile:
  9. Yep! It is her tpf name. On another note though...

    what is that white space where the flap closes???
  10. I'd choose the expandable.
  11. Reissue!
    Elegant and timeless :tup:
  12. Agreed:tup:
  13. dark silver reissue :graucho:
  14. I love both bags but to be honest am not a huge fan of either color. I prefer the reissue in dark silver, but hear that's hard to find. I love the expandable in navy- there was one on AFF, I'm not sure if it already sold. Check out the shopping subsection and there should be a link. I think that bag is :love:
  15. [​IMG]