Ready? Finally my "winter" reveal...let it snow lol!!! ... read

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  1. First of all thanks to all who helped me to make up my mind in this thread.

    I ended up with two choices very diffrent but both really nice looking according to the pics....

    The brown Burberry and the Acne....
    I ended up ordering both to see which would suit me better and the winner is:


    I tried on the Burberry it was beautiful and very well made but I looked like my grandmother in

    I really like the Acne even if I was wondering if it wasn't a bid too trendy, what do you think, the pics doen't really do it justice...



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  2. catcat, i LOVE IT!!!! you look FABULOUS!!!! congrats!
    such a beautiful choice!!! :heart:
  3. Love this coat!!
  4. It suits you very well!! Lovely!! Congrats!! :tup::tup::smile:
  5. nice!
  6. I love it!
  7. looks good!
  8. very nice shearling, love it too.
  9. love it!
  10. Thanks lady's what a shame that the weather is getting
  11. Great Coat! Looks good on you.
  12. It looks amazing on you! definitely a keeper!
  13. Can't go wrong with an Acne piece, it looks fantastic on you. But if that is warm enough for your winter, I am jealous!!!

  14. You live in Canada, I live in the south of france, doesn't get that cold but our wind the mistral is quite unnerving and this cuts the wind really well but I do have a nice Moncler down if it gets extremly cold.
  15. Burburry is always nice but I think you made the better choice! It Looks great!!