Reading to baby

  1. I was curious at what age the other moms on here started reading to their kids. My dd is 7 months old and I want to start reading to her. Is 7 months too young? If 7 months isn't too young what type of books should I read to her? Short ones? Ones with lots of pictures? I'm not short on books thankfully, my mom saved all the books from my brothers and I's childhood. Any input would be appreciated.
  2. I just took cues from my kids. If they sit still and like to look at the pictures, then no age is too young. I wouldn't pick anything with too many words. My boys would always try to turn the page before I read all the words, lol.
  3. i started reading to my baby as early as one month. i figure there is no harm in reading to him early. he might not be attentive but that's okay. and now at 5 month, we sit together and read cloth book b'c he is old enough to touch the book now and i dont want sharp corners and pages to hurt him
  4. We started reading to our baby every night before bedtime at around 3 months, and we also do daytime readings. It's never too early to start, even though they may not understand the words they will get used to the idea of being read to and later on reading on their own hopefully.
  5. I agree with the other posts... it's never too early to start. I'd recommend books with more pictures. My son's pediatrician suggested that we spend 15 minutes every night reading together. He never sat still for more than 5 minutes, but I think every minute counts!
  6. Thanks for the suggestions everyone! Tomorrow night I think I'll read to her!

    catabie, I worry about dd cutting herself too. I had a small stack of mail on my coffee table the other day and she was pulling on the papers trying rip them. So I'll have to keep a close eye on her when I read with her. I don't think my mom has any of the cloth books but I might have to pick some up!
  7. I read to my son almost every night beginning at 5 mos. Their attention span is limited from 5 minutes on to eventually til the end of a book. I highly recommend "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" by Bill Martin Jr. My son loves this book because he remembers the repetitive lines. I also recommend "The Hungry Caterpillar".

    [FONT=Trebuchet MS, Arial, Helvetica]About the story:
    "The repetition and colorful illustrations in this classic picture book by Bill Martin Jr, make it a favorite of many children. On each page, we meet a new animal who helps us discover which creature will show up next. "Brown Bear, Brown Bear what do you see? I see a redbird looking at me...". This pattern is repeated over and over, until the pre-reader can join in with the reader, easily predicting the next lines. Giggles and raised eyebrows will accompany the story as the animals become stranger and stranger (a purple cat!?)."[/FONT]

    [FONT=Trebuchet MS, Arial, Helvetica]
  8. ^^My daughter loves "Brown Bear, Brown Bear"!! I started reading that one to her when she was about a month old. I like it because the pictures are really big and one solid color.

    My daughter's favorite book now is "I love you through and through". As I read the book, I always touch her wherever the book says. When its time to read, I sit on the floor with the book and read the title...she always crawls straight to me with a huge smile. So I always started reading time with that book.
  9. We have been reading to our daughter since day English and in German!
  10. I've read to my son on and off since he was born. Because he was a preemie, we used books (and the cadences of our voices) to comfort him while he was in the incubator.

    When he was 1-3 months old based on his due date we read from anything- magazines, newspapers, shampoo bottles, lol. At that age they just like the comfort of being held and the sound of Mom and Dad's voice so the content of the reading material (or the shape) doesn't matter to them. I would read aloud from my novel while I was breastfeeding him. :p

    From 3 months old they can recognize the idea of books and start to grab and play with it so we switched to soft, textile books with lots to explore. Taggies are great- they are these books with fuzzy animals, simple sentences (there are only 3-4 sentences in the whole thing) and big gigantic tags. Interacting with your baby is more important during this time- let her explore the book and shake it around, open and close the pages, etc.

    My son's now at the 6 month stage where he will sit still and listen to a book, so I do a combination of colorful board books (with soft edges) and the soft books from before. We still play a lot- I will tickle him and interact with him while reciting the poems in the book.

    I can't wait until we graduate to "big boy" books with longer chapters and real paper. :p He tears everything up so we are limited to board books and the fabric ones right now.

    Oh yeah- If your baby loves paper, I'd recommend taking a sheet of clean computer paper, and tearing it into a oval so there are no sharp edges to give them paper cuts or poke an eye out. They have tons of fun wrinkling it up and shaking it to make noise.

    Just watch them carefully so they don't swallow chunks of it (choking hazard). Once it goes into my baby's mouth it gets taken away. He's eventually stopped eating it (don't know if it's because of my reinforcement or because he lost interest in it as food).

    Eek. I wrote a lot. :p Sorry about that. I just love talking about reading and kids.
  11. Anytime is a great time to start - I took books with me to the hospital and read when my daughter was a few hours old, novels while she was nursing, anything that was around.

    Now she's 2 1/2 and she "reads" all the time. Read your own books for your own pleasure, too, so that she sees that you're a family of readers. That's one of the best ways to make sure she keeps it up.
  12. i've been reading with my son since he was about 4 months old on and off. it's been regular every night since 5 months or so. :biggrin: it;s our ritual before bedtime!
  13. Yes! DD loves taking daddy's work papers and making noise with them! :nuts: rofl, that's what he gets for not cleaning his stuff up! :p
  14. We've been reading to my daughter since the day we brought her home. At first it was more books for us- my husband and I took turns reading a chapter a night while the other one held her. It was a bonding experience for all of us, and we read through all of the Narnia books, the Wrinkle in Time series, and a few others.

    As she got older, we would slip in picture books and read them with her, and gradually cut down on the bigger books in favor or more age-appropriate books as she started to realize what books were.

    Now she's two and a half, and we're lucky if we can get out of her room at night without reading 4-5 books (she's supposed to get 3), and we read books throughout the day when we're all home, whenever she brings them to us.
  15. Our daughter loves books with bright colors, nice pictures, and "feely" books. We have a book that's very similar to "Pat the Bunny", but it's in German. She absolutely loves that one. Feeling the different textures, looking at her self in the mirror, sometimes trying to taste the different textures, it's just an all around great book.

    Here are some of the english books that we have for Julia that she likes:
    - Goodnight Moon (of course..)
    - Ten Little Fingers (interactive)
    - A couple of puppy board books