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  1. I came across the following sentiment: someone said that's it's really sad to see a badly dressed woman (read: t-shirt, jeans, sneakers) with a LV bag, it makes everyone think it's fake. Someone else said, it's even more sad to see a woman who probably spent half of her salary on a real LV and no one believes it's real (alluding to a fact that there are so many fakes around). What do you guys think? It's sad that the brand reputation is so ruined.
  2. I also hear this "I wouldn't by an LV because there are so many fakes and no one can tell the difference" I disagree that people can not tell a fake from the real deal. If you know what a real LV looks like or own a real LV there is NO comparison. Also, there is a lot of fake coach bags, hermes birkin/kelly, dior, gucci etc. I work in the inner city of detroit and I see about an equal amount of the above mentiones, with the exception of hermes. I see more fake hermes in the burbs.
  3. Never seen a fake Hermes... I would imagine it wouldn't be hard to fake it except the leather quality would be different. So, you are saying, that just by looking at LV bag you can tell right away if it's a fake?
  4. Well I have spent countless hours looking and studying LV bags and can spot a fake right away. I do not judge people by what their wearing: i.e if they're dressed in just jeans and a tee and carrying a LV bag, I don't automatically assume that their bag is fake. I wear polos/tees with jeans most of the time, and carry my LV out... if people judge me, let them. I know my stuff is real, why should a random strangers thoughts about the authenticity of my LV's matter to me?
  5. It is disheartening reading some of the comments about LV on the other forums here, but I understand it is just their opinion. Some of it is also "friendly" rivalry.
  6. I'm a stay at home mom and do a lot of running around after my 2 yr old. So many time I'm wearing jeans, shirt and sneakers or sandals. All I carry are LV's, nothing else.
  7. I live in cheap jeans (american eagle/express) and flip flops... yet I still carry LV, Chanel, Fendi, and Coach. Let people think what they want. I KNOW I have a fantastic bag that cost more than my whole outfit. ;)
  8. Hmm.. that made me think actually. So I dress up every time I leave the house, makeup, nice clothing, shoes, never wear T-shirts or sneakers, I think they are only appropriate for a gym. So according to what people think, I could very well be carrying a fake and no one would suspect a thing because I am always dressed up. Interesting...
  9. I try not to judge a person by what they're wearing, but how they're wearing it. There's a huge difference between low-rise Sevens, and - let's say, ACID WASHED MOM JEANS. Which LV would you assume is real? KWIM??
  10. Im a jeans a t-shirt girl. Its what im comfy in the most. I wear them with my speedy and I dont care what people say, I know its real and thats all that matters
  11. An LV bag can dress up any outfit- Someone shouldn't be judged just based on what they're wearing

  12. low-rise SEvens, of course :yes: If she can afford the jeans, she can surely afford the bag, right?
  13. Since joining this forum I've become pretty decent at spotting LV fakes. Before then, I couldn't tell the difference. It doesn't matter to me, though. I buy my bags because I like them. If someone wants to believe that they're fake, or that because I'm not dressed to the nines that I must not be able to afford them, then that's their sweat off my back!
  14. I would say LV bag goes with any outfit, it doesn't make up for bad clothing. And people do judge us based on what we are wearing, sadly.
  15. I actually don't really look at what the person is wearing as much as I look at the bag. Now, I am a stay at home mom too, and back in college so I am always in jeans or a juicy jogging suit. Now, someone might see me in a jogging suit and carrying my LV and think it's fake but what they don't know is that "plain looking" jogging suit costs lots of money! LOL! So, you REALLY cannot judge if a person's bag is real based on what they are wearing, or their hair, or makeup or lack thereof. You can only judge the bag if you KNOW bags and know what to look for thereby making it easy for you to spot a fake.
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