Reading Balenciaga threads....

  1. ......I was curious as to whether you read every thread or just pick out those that are of interest to you? :confused1:

    I tend to read all, but some will get skipped over, if its a style or colour that I'm not particularly fond of. :yes:

    And I like to give comments where I can, because tpfer's are very supportive, :heart: and I've had some great support in the past, and have welcomed it. It does make a difference.

    What do you do? :supacool:
  2. I mainly only read those that interest me usually...which ends up being most of them LOL!
  3. there are just tooooo many new threads and new posts on older threads that I've read...together to keep up with all of them! :p I browse over the thread titles, see some of interest to click on and read.... and respond to those threads usually...

    Hopefully I am giving back to the Balenciaga subforum make up for all the help that was given me...esp. when i was a Bal newbie! I'm very grateful!
  4. I try to read all the threads on the first page, but I usually don't check past page 1, so I miss a few sometimes. You are right about everyone being supportive here, everyone is so nice.
  5. I may not read all the threads but will pick up some interesting threads to read....however, i will tends to look at those threads that have, like city club, work club....etc
  6. mintpearl said it well... :yes:

    I try to catch as many as I can, which isn't too hard right now! Considering I am not working and grad school doesn't start until May. ;) However, I know when grad school starts, I will have to do alot more picking & choosing and probably stick to my main designer sub-forums (instead of hanging out in Glass Slipper, Beauty area, etc...), because I'll have less time...

    I like to see what kind of decisions people are making (between which styles & colors), seeing members' new bags or collections, and just finding out more information about bbags in general... so that ends up being a large majority of the threads!! :p
  7. Whichever ones interest me.
  8. It certainly can be a full time job keeping up with all the threads. My favourite is looking at all the bbag pictures, everyones collection of bags, the different colours and leathers etc. :wlae:
  9. I usually read threads that pique my interest
  10. Same here.

    Plus, I'm trying to cut down on my time spent on tPF, so I'm trying to be very selective about the threads I check out. It's easy to lose track of time just by going through every thread, which was what I used to do before :shame:
  11. I know the feeling. I used to spend all my spare time on eBay, and now its spent on this forum, which is certainly far better for my sanity. :graucho:
  12. i don't read all :p
    btw perc, ur new avatar is :drool: